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Add channel name in front of URI

Support Request


Is there a way to automatically put the channel name in front of the URL? Now it only copies the title to the pages URI, but it woud be nice if the channel would be in front of it.



Amity Web
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Amity Web

The add-on uses pure Javascript to get the value of the title and put this in the Pages URL. So if the Channel is referenced in some other field or somewhere in the page you are on, then in theory yes we can grab that and append it to the Pages URL.

BUT then this add-on has no options associated with it,  e.g. “Insert Channel Name?” as an option. So the quick way is just change the JS direct to add the name in, but we would not change our code for this as we dont want the channel in there without options, and we wont be able to devote the time into adding an option into Settings for it right now though.

If you do want to extend this further, as it is a free add-on, feel free to modify and let us know, its on GitHiub

Or you can just modify it to suit your needs. The Javascript needs updating to grab the Channel name from somewhere if it exists on the page, and insert that before the Pages URL.