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Audit does not appear in the extension manager

Support Request

Patrick Pearce Sr
Patrick Pearce Sr

I have downloaded the free version of Audit. I unzipped the folder (audit-master ) to the third_party folder. But after reloading the extension manager page, the extension does not appear. I have also logged out and back-in. This installation is on my desktop, running bitnami WAMP stack as a testing environment. The desktop has even been restarted, still no audit showing up in the extension manager. Any suggestions wold be greatly appreciated.

Mark J. Reeves
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Mark J. Reeves

Hi, Patrick!

If you download Audit Pro from GitHub, the folder you’ll see on this page is the one you’ll want to drop into your third_party folder:


It’s the folder named audit_pro.

I’d recommend grabbing Audit Pro as both versions are open source now and that’s the more robust.

Hope that helps!