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Super dynamic field is created to enhance default radio, checkbox, select dropdown. Instead of adding key/values in field settings, You can now include any EE template where you can add JSON variable for options. If you have tons of fields with options and you dont want to add options in each field, this is best plugin for you. This field produce Checkboxes, Radio buttons and Select dropdown. This fieldtype supports backend and frontend channel forms including normal fields, GRID and Fluid field types. Most important use is, As it comes from template, You can use any EE tags to generate options.

There is 2 way to pass JSON as options in field. Either add JSON manually or select any template which has nothing but a JSON. Remember that JSON needs a valid format. This format would be:
{“value” : “option1”, “label” : “Option 1”},
{“value” : “option2”, “label” : “Option 2”, “default” : “yes”},
{“value” : “option3”, “label” : “Option 3”},

Where value is value of option, label is label of that option. There is an optional parameter named ‘default’. If you pass that, that option will be pre-selected on creating new entries.

To populate data on front-end, there is several ways to enhance and customize output.

Example 1: (single line code)

// Output for Radio and Select dropdown (data: option1)

// Output for Checkboxes (data: option1|option3)
option1, option3
Example 2: (wrap output in ul/ol )
{my_super_dynamic_field markup="ul"} // or markup="ol"

// Output (data: option1|option3)
Example 3: (tag pair way to get data)
    {if item:count == 1} Total results are: {item:total_results} <br>{/if}
    {item:count} : {item} - {item:label} - {item:value} <br>

// Output (data: option1|option3)
Total results are: 2
1 : option1 - Option 1 - option1 
2 : option3 - Option 3 - option3
Example 4: (give prefix in tag pair code)
{my_super_dynamic_field prefix="msd"}
    {if msd:count == 1} Total results are: {msd:total_results} <br>{/if}
    {msd:count} : {msd} - {msd:label} - {msd:value} <br>

// Output (data: option1|option3)
Total results are: 2
1 : option1 - Option 1 - option1 
2 : option3 - Option 3 - option3
Example 5: (pass limit parameter)
{my_super_dynamic_field limit="1"}
    {if item:count == 1} Displaying {item:total_results} from total of {item:absolute_results}<br>{/if}
    {item:count} : {item} - {item:label} - {item:value} <br>

// Output (data: option1|option3)
Displaying 1 from total of 2
1 : option1 - Option 1 - option1
Example 6: (convert on your own way)
{my_super_dynamic_field limit="5" backspace="2"}{item:value}, {/my_super_dynamic_field}

// Output (data: option1|option3)
option1, option2



  • Solved a bug where in EE5 dropdown field not rendering with react code.
  • Solved a bug where field settings was not properly click on under GRID field.
  • Added condition in save field so it not save empty value.

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4.0.0+ Download 1.0.2 Jun 17, 2019

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