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  • ExpressionEngine 4
  • ExpressionEngine 5
  • ExpressionEngine 6


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A Smart SEO module is created to solve the issues of the common SEO tasks of EE. With its help, the user can add unlimited SEO fields according to the requirements. This plugin helps to bind SEO data in the channel entry and category, edit the robot.txt file, and fetch the data of its previous version. The user can use the customized SEO data which is called FLY SEO. The social media connectivity for this plugin is very easy. This plugin gives the benefits of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager without having to worry about writing codes for them. Redirect settings have never been easier. The user can also link SEO data with custom fields of categories and channels. Simple tag code allows the user to set SEO data dynamically.

Smart SEO provides extended features of SEO in both EE4, EE5 and EE6. These are mentioned below.

  • General Settings
  • Breadcrumbs Settings
  • Webmaster tools
  • Outdated Content
  • Text link counter
  • Custom Seo fields
  • Social connectivity for schema
  • Robot.txt (Edit and revert feature)
  • Htaccess file (Edit and revert feature)
  • Redirects
  • Category SEO
  • Link custom fields (channel and category)
  • Import/Export
  • Schema
  • Readability

General Settings:

Add multiple custom fields for SEO data which will automatically get reflected in all the SEO data forms like channel entry, category SEO, fly SEO, and custom connectivity fields.

Breadcrumbs Settings:

This is the setting to Enable/Disable Breadcrumbs on-site. You can make basic changes in Breadcrumbs according to your requirement.

Webmaster tools:

This feature will add a verification meta tag on the website’s home page. Follow the links to the different Webmaster Tools and look for instructions for the meta tag verification method to get the verification code.

Outdated Content:

This option will enable the users to show the list of all the entries which have not been updated from the last six month.

Text link counter:

This feature requires a Page URL which is used for the XML sitemap. According to this feature requirement, we need to count links from the Content section, hence, we need to set the Content field for each Channel and Page URL for each entry, only then this feature will work and fetch the exact.

Custom Seo fields:

Add multiple custom fields for SEO data which will automatically get reflected in all the SEO data forms like channel entry, category SEO, fly SEO, and custom connectivity fields.

Social connectivity for schema:

Add the social media pages’ URLs which will automatically generate schema javascript code and incorporate them in the pages.

Robot.txt (Edit and revert feature):

This feature allows for editing robot.txt from the Smart SEO control panel. The user has to make sure this file has read-write permission. It also makes it easier to fetch the previous content of the robot.txt file.

Htaccess (Edit and revert feature):

Just like the Robot.txt file saves the Htaccess files revision list, this setting will allow the users to view the revision list of Htaccess files and manage them. Users can also restore the old changes back to the Htaccess file.


With the help of this feature, you can set redirects with different conditions and bind them with a start date and end date.

Category SEO:

This feature is useful when the user wants to bind SEO data with a specific category. Select the category from the Smart SEO control panel and add SEO data.

Link custom fields (channel and category):

With the help of this feature, the user can bind SEO data fields with custom fields of the channels and categories.


It is a very useful feature of Smart SEO. With its help, the user can create custom SEO data and bind them with pages by specifying fly_id or fly_url_title.

Import/Export Settings:

Option to import Metadata into entries and Category entry by selecting and mapping fields. For that, users need to set one unique field for matching entries and add mapped content. The users can import CSV files and XML files.


The tags or words used by online marketing agencies can be used to communicate with the search engines as it helps to provide better results. offers a list of “shared code vocabularies” in a simple format known as Microdata and JSON-LD. These categories have their own codes/tags. We offer the following Schemas that can be created by the admin side. You can publish the schemas in front of different entries and channels.

  • Article Schema
  • Person Schema
  • Service Schema
  • Local Business Schema


The readability study examines your content to ensure that it is simple to read, increasing the likelihood that readers will grasp it quickly. You’re also slaying two birds with one stone by creating well-structured and well-written content. There is different evaluation of readability measurement as below:

  • Average sentence length
  • Syllable count
  • Percentage of multi-syllable words
  • Average word length
  • Familiarity with words
  • The complexity of sentences

Our add-on supports Expression Engine 7.

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