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This add-on allows you to keep the subscribers lists that are signing for the Newsletter. When the users signup for the newsletter; the data is sent to the Single mailing list database and Mailchimp.

You can download the document from here: - Single Mailing List With Mailchimp


Mailing list was removed from EE3, we developed Single Mailing list to meet the same inbuilt Mailing List’s feature for single mailing list only.
Now we have extened this addon and it is now compatible with Mailchimp.
Below I am describing that how we kept the same single mailing list functionality comparing to EE2 version and what we are getting more with this new add-on.
The very basic note of this add-on that we have all the same feature like it was in EE3, apart from it, we have integrated Mailchimp with this too. Mailchimp is largely used third party mailing list now a days.
This add-on allows you to keep the subscriber lists that are signing for the Newsletter.
When the users signup for the newsletter; the data is sent to the Single mailing list database as well as to the Mailchimp listing database.


The very first thing -  we need to create a form which will send the email ID to the subscriber list. The same we were doing in the single mailing list of EE earlier versions.
Template Code: -
<input type=“text” name=“email” />
<input type=“submit”/>

It will send the activation link and after activation, the Email ID will be added to subscribers list and that will be sent to your mailchimp list ID that you will map with the addon in the Mailchimp settings panel.

Mailchimip Settings:

For sending the contact to mailchimp, you’llll need to provide Mailchimip settings.

A. Mailchimp API key: - The API key from your mailchimp account.
B. Mailchimp List iD:  List ID from Mailchimp in which you’ll move the subscribed contacts.

C. Mailchimp Template ID: - Create a template in mailchimp. This template will be default template and you can use your own custom layout using Newsletter Template tab in your Mailchmip account.

D. Mailchimp MC:EDIT : - When you create any custom template in mailchimip then you get MC:EDIT attribute in the HTML properties like

or any “

” etc.
You can change the mc:edit but the same mc:edit you’ll need to put in the mailchimip settings of your EE add-on.
So when you’ll create your newsletter template from installed EE add-on then the HTML will be replaced with inner html belong to same mc:edit from created custom template in the mailchimp.

In mailchimip template, I have added mc:edit=“body_content23” and now I’ll use the same mc:edit in my add-on setting, so the entire html under this will be replaced.

Newsletter Template:

Using this addon, you can send your own HTML to Mailchimp.
For using the template, first you’ll need to create a template group and assign the template group in the Mailchimp settings panel of the add-on.
So, all the templates associated with that template group will start showing in the Newsletter Template group and then you can import any HTML template easily for using it as your newsletter content.

Select template and import, the HTML will be shown in the textarea and the same HTML will be replaced with the content of mailchimip template where mc:edit is matched as per add-on settings.

You can send the subscribers from EE to your mailing list in Mailchimp and then can send newsletter to them all from this module’s admin panel,  the mail sending request will be handeled from Mailchimp.

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