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  • ExpressionEngine 2


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The Simple S3 Uploader is a custom field that works like the popular nGen File Field extension except it stores the files (and optional thumbnail) on Amazon S3. Supports image resizing, thumbnails, all sorts of content types, maximum file sizes, and is safe for use in SAEFs.

File upload made easy: the Simple S3 Uploader custom field type for ExpressionEngine is now available!

eMarketSouth introduces a new custom field type for ExpressionEngine 1.6.x and ExpressionEngine 2.x that allows you to store files uploaded to your weblog entries on Amazon’s S3 Service.

With a simple field asking users which file they would like to upload, Simple S3 Uploader stores the file on Amazon’s S3 Service. S3 is a storage service that allows users to upload extremely large numbers of files without cluttering, slowing, or crashing local servers. With 99.999999999% reliability your clients, customers, and users can be certain that their files are in good hands. For more information about Amazon S3, have a look at their frequently asked questions.

Sound too good to be true? Check out some of the features Simple S3 Uploader boasts:

  • Automatic image resizing support for JPEG, GIF, and PNG images with the best color management algorithm available to ExpressionEngine
  • Automatic thumbnail creation for JPEG, GIF, and PNG images (thumbnails are stored on S3 as well as the original file)
  • Image resizing supports PNG-8, PNG-24, and GIF transparency
  • Three image resizing modes: fit in box, fill box, and stretch to fit
  • Maximum file size and image dimension settings
  • Compatible (we’d go as far as to say “designed for use”) with stand-alone entry and edit forms (SAEF)
  • Compatible with Matrix 2 and FF Matrix for easy-to-create photo galleries and other lists of files
  • Files can be uploaded as private (nobody but you has access to view them), temporary authenticated URLs can then be generated to allow access for an amount of time that you choose.
  • Cache setting which allows uploaded files to be cached by the browser for the specified number of days after download… this improves subsequent page load times and decreases your S3 bill!
  • Variable replacements allow you to customize the organization and filenames of the files stored on S3.

Using ExpressionEngine template tags you can output the following variables (or even use them in conditionals):

  • Original File name
  • S3 URL for file and thumbnail
  • S3 File name for file and thumbnail (useful for Cloudfront integration or customized S3 domains)
  • File and thumbnail file size (in bytes or human readable)
  • Image and thumbnail dimensions
  • MIME type (image/jpeg, image/gif, video/x-flv, application/pdf, etc.)
  • MIME “class” (image, video, application, etc.)
  • Temporary authenticated URL - link expires when you say so (eliminates hotlinking and can be used to set up a secure client upload area)


  • An Amazon S3 account ;)
  • PHP5 with cURL support
  • ExpressionEngine 1.6 with FieldFrame 1.3.5 or later
  • ExpressionEngine 2.1 or later
  • when using Simple S3 Uploader in a SAEF you’ll need the Simple SAEF Enctype (extension)

The Simple S3 Uploader saves you time and trouble for only $29 per license.

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6 Reviews:

Gamestar 05.10.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Great add-on, perfect for the project I was working on. Easy to set up, and quick response to my support request. Would love to see a “choose existing file” option in a future version.

Paul_B 04.07.11

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Would be even better if it had a ‘select existing file’ option like the nGen and safecracker file fields… :)

Bransin 10.17.10

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

You can’t delete files. Deleting an image in EE still resides on amazon S3. The support I received was sparse & non-caring. PHP gamma correction degrades image quality. Comment this out as a user. Developer refuses to remove this unnecessary function making small & large images terrible in quality.

cobrabyte 09.29.10

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

By far, the coolest add-on I own.

A million thanks for this one!

Juju 05.25.10

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Happened upon this at a crucial time when I needed a working solution to amazon s3 uploads. It just worked. Simple to setup. Highly recommended.

proee 05.25.10

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

This is a great module if you need to grow a community site and want to offload all your data storage into the cloud.

We worked with eMarketSouth on this project from its inception and they’ve delivered with flying colors.