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Select2 for ExpressionEngine is a user-friendly select box fieldtype (single or multi-select) with support for plain text options or SQL query and allows you to search in the option list.

Select2 for EE implements the awesome JQuery plugin Select2. The following features are currently available:

  • Single or multiselect
  • Options can come from a
    • plain text list of options
    • SQL query
    • directory listing
  • Set the initial placeholder
  • Set field size
  • Matrix Support
  • Low Variables Support

Incoming features:

  • Grid Support
  • Content Element Support
  • Ajax support
  • Options groups
  • Drap&Drop Sorting


  1. Download and extract the zip file.
  2. Copy ee2/third_party/select2 to system/expressionengine/third_party/
  3. Copy themes/third_party/select2 to themes/third_party
  5. In your Control Panel, go to Addons/Fieldtypes
  7. Click on the Install link on the Select2 row


  • Create a new custom field, and choose Select2
  • [Source Type] In Source Type,
    • choose Plain if you want to use plain text options list.
    • choose SQL if you want to fill the select box with options coming for your database.
    • chosse Directory if you want to list the files of a specified directory.
  • [Options] list:

    • If you choose Plain, fill the Options with a list of options, where value is separated from the label by a comma (value : Label), one option per line
    • If you choose SQL, you query must have a value alias and a label alias in your SELECT statement (SELECT field1 as value, field2 as label FROM mytable)
    • If you choose Directory, specify the path, relative to the document root of your website.         (ex: templates/ will point to /your/website/document/root/templates/, but ../templates/  will point to /your/website/document/templates/.)        
  • [Is Multiselect?] Decide if your field is single or multi select
  • [Placeholder] You can give a placeholder that will be displayed until a value is selected
  • [Maximum selection size] Set the maximum number of selectable value (only in multi-select mode)
  • [Minimum input length] Determine the minimum number of character required before start the search
  • [Field Width] Set the size of the field (in percentage or in pixels). You must supply a minimum width if you want your field to be visible.
  • [Allow Clear?] Show a clear button (only in single select mode)
  • [Close dropdown automatically] Should the dropdown close immediatly after selecting a value?

Templates tags:

		{my_select2_field orderby="label" sort="desc" limit="5"}<li>({index} - {row_count}) - {value}: {label} total: {total_rows})</li>{/my_select2_field}
		{my_second_select2}<li>({index} - {row_count}) - {value}: {label} (total: {total_rows})</li>{/my_second_select2}

If your source type is Directory, the value will output the file name, the label will output the extension.



  • Fix issue with Low Variables


  • Fixed typo
  • Directory source type now store file name as value and extension as label


  • Directory source type (thx @croxton!)
  • Code cleanup


  • Matrix support
  • Fix typo in option tags (thx @JCDerrick!)

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JCDerrick 07.04.13

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This is a truly fantastic add-on that continues to improve with each new release. Incredible flexibility and the options are virtually limitless. Can’t wait to see what’s next.