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SafeCracker makes SAEFs simple.

SafeCracker has been purchased by EllisLabs Inc, and is now freely available for download at their site. You can download it here
Originally developed by Barrett Newton.

SafeCracker is a replacement and enchancement of the ExpressionEngine’s Stand-Alone Entry Form. SafeCracker makes it possible to add & edit data to your site without accessing the backend. This will allow you to push the boundaries of ExpressionEngine design and development, create rich web applications, and simplify your development process.

Requires EE version 2.1.3.

  • Edit existing entries. SafeCracker will parse channel entry tag data, including custom fields. ie. <input name=“title” value=”{title}” /> or <input name=“your_custom_field” value=”{your_custom_field}” />. In other words, you no longer need a channel:entries tag.
  • Ships with a file upload field
  • Allows you to use custom field names instead of field ids as your input names, ie. <input name=“your_custom_field” />. You’ll no longer have to look up the field_id of your custom field.
  • Allow logged out users to use the entry form.
  • Use captcha for logged out users.
  • Allows you to add the entry_id or url_title to your return url, so that you may redirect to the entry you just created. This is great for multi-page SAEFs, or really, whenever.
  • Compatability with all known 3rd party fieldtypes.
  • Flexible add-and-edit form. SafeCracker will adapt, based on the presence of an entry_id and/or url_title. This means you no longer need to make separate add-entry saef AND an edit-entry saef templates
  • Auto-fills your field_fmt fields based on your custom field format defaults. You don’t have to fill these out manually, or keep track of them.
  • Specify default status, or set forms to override default status.
  • Specify different return urls for different member groups by the group_id. Send visitors to one page, and admins to another.
  • Ships with new Catchall custom field type. You can use one field type to capture wildly different types of data. Capture resumes, contact forms, and bug reports and more. No preformatting or extra custom fields are required.
  • Handles ajax requests, can output responses via JSON.

SafeCracker is currently available for EE 2.1.

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  1. form_declaration_modify_data

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4 Reviews:

JCDerrick 02.06.11

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

SafeCracker, how did I ever build an EE2 site without you? Oh, wait… I didn’t! This tool finally allows developers to utilize the SAEF in EE2, something I couldn’t build sites without. This add-on is a blessing, and well worth the price. Many thanks to BarrettNewton for their fantastic work!!

romanovsky2007 01.24.11

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

One of the plugins i enjoy immensely, while SAEF is one of weakest points of EE2 so far. Highly recommended!

RealJustinLong 01.12.11

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

If you have even a single SAEF in an EE2 install this is worth every penny. Even with EllisLab modifying the SAEF process this is a must, it makes your life so much easier. Has worked great with every fieldtype I have thrown at it. Makes creating SAEFs enjoyable.

Bransin 11.02.10

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

SafeCracker makes SAEF easy. So easy that I was shocked. The amount of flexibility that is offered with this addon is like any other addon. Ellislab is now improving their SAEF. SafeCracker is ahead of all this and let’s hope it stays that way. Loving the addon, and their support is great!