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Restrictee is an interface that allows EE admins to restrict access to their web site based on IP addresses through the CP. Use Restrictee to block all access to your web site, only allowing those in your "allowed list". Supports MSM.

What is Restrictee?

Restrictee is a ExpressionEngine 2.x module that allows ExpressionEngine admins to restrict access to their web site based on IP addresses through the Control Panel.

Use Restrictee to block all access to your web site, only allowing those in your “allowed list”, through the use of .htaccess rules.


Restrictee has two management User Interfaces.  The main user interface allows you to view all your “allowed list” IP addresses. This interface also allows you to delete IP addresses too.  The second interface allows you add new IP addresses.

Both interfaces offer tips and advise if the module finds any problems.  For example, if your .htaccess file is not writable, a alert message will be displayed.

You can sort your allowed list by IP address accending or decending.

The module supports Multi Site Manager (MSM) so you can restrictee access to any one of your MSM sites at any one time.

The module has its own install and uninstall options in ExpressionEngines main modules page.

How does it work?

It’s really simple. 

Once you install the Restrictee module on your ExpressionEngine 2.x website, Restrictee first creates a new table in your MySQL database with some initial setup settings.

Restrictee then carries out some checks to make sure the module can run correctly.  If Restrictee finds any problems, an alert message will be shown with tips and advise on how to resolve the problem.

Once Restrictee is ready to rock and roll, it first checks to see if you have an existing .htaccess file.  If one is found, Restrictee adds your current IP address with comments so your website is instanctly locked down so only you can access it.

When you visit the main user interface, you can manage your allowed IP addresses.  You can also add new IP addresses too.

If you add or remove an IP address from the list, Restrictee updates your .htaccess file automatically with any comments you provided.

If you uninstall Restrictee, Restrictee will remove all the allowed list IP addresses from your .htaccess.  It also removes its MySQL database tables.

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