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Use Resizer to resize, cache, and retrieve images with a number of options.


Move the resizer directory to your ExpressionEngine third_party folder. Resizer requires PHP GD. The following settings are available to configure defaults in your config file.

$config['resizer_memory_limit'] = 32;         // PHP memory limit in MB, false to inherit system defaults
$config['resizer_quality'] = 80;              // Default image compression quality 0-100 with 100 being no compression
$config['resizer_responsive'] = false;        // Skip the width and height parameters for responsive images
$config['resizer_xhtml'] = false;             // Self close image tag (false for HTML, true for XHTML)
$config['resizer_sharpen'] = false;           // Slightly sharpen images by default, useful after resizing
$config['resizer_target'] = '/images/sized/'; // Default cache directory relative to root (must be writable)
$config['resizer_exclude_remote'] = false;    // Exclude remote domains from being downloaded and processed
$config['resizer_local_domain'] = ''; // Override the local domain used when translating external paths
$config['resizer_host'] = '';          // Domain to prefix to the filepath


crop="yes"              // Crop image (defaults to no)
height=""               // Optional height of rendered image
width=""                // Optional width of rendered image
filename=""             // Override image filename (defaults to source filename)
fallback=""             // Fallback image source if provided source can't be found (no fallback by default)
alt=""                  // Alt tag used when outputting image tags
background=""           // 6 character HEX color background used on transparent images (png, gif) or set to false to maintain existing transparency (defaults to transparent)
force_jpg=""            // Set to yes to convert non-jpg images to jpgs (defaults to no)
responsive="no"         // Skip the width and height parameters for responsive images (defaults to config value else yes)
quality="80"            // Image compression quality 0-100 with 100 being no compression (defaults to config value else 80)
scale_up="yes"          // Scale image larger than original if set width and/or height dictate (defaults to yes)
xhtml="no"              // Self close image tag (defaults to HTML5 style, set to yes for XHTML)
sharpen="yes"           // Slightly sharpen jpg images, useful after resizing (defaults to yes)
target="/images/sized/" // Writeable cache directory relative to root (defaults to config value else '/images/sized/')
host='"   // Domain to prefix to the filepath
exclude_remote="no"     // Exclude remote domains from being downloaded and processed
local_domain="" // Local domain used when translating external paths
attr:class="img-left"   // Any attributes prepended by "attr:" will be added to the single tag output


{exp:resizer:path src="/assets/img/hero.jpg" width="100" height="100" crop="yes"}

{exp:resizer:tag src="/assets/img/hero.jpg" host="" width="100" height="100" responsive="yes" alt="Testing" crop="yes" attr:class="img-left"}
<img src="" alt="Testing" class="img-left">

{exp:resizer:pair src="/assets/img/hero.jpg" width="100" height="100" crop="yes"}
<img src="{resizer:path}" width="{resizer:width}" height="{resizer:height}" alt="Testing">
<img src="/images/sized/hero-2d149bc0ba00de4f7e7ee20fd25404a1.jpg" width="100" height="100" alt="Testing">

{exp:resizer:bulk width="100" height="100" crop="yes" responsive="yes" attr:class="embedded"}
<img src="/assets/img/external.jpg" width="2000" height="2000" alt="Testing">
<img src="/images/sized/external-2d149bc0ba00de4f7e7ee20fd25404a1.jpg" alt="Testing" class="embedded">

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EE Support Downloads Add-On Version Release Date
2.6.0+ Download 2.2.0 Oct 26, 2015

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