Pvl Check If


Pv Ledoux

3rd Party (Free)

BSD 3-Clause License

EE Version Support

  • ExpressionEngine 2


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  • jQuery for the Control Panel

Add-On Type(s)



Check if a value is in a list (default separator: |) or if it isn't. You can now also check if a value is contains within an other (with the contains parameter, see examples below). This plugin can also check if a module or extension is installed.

Pvl CheckIf

Pvl Checkif is an ExpresionEngine plugin that checks if a value is in a list (default separator: |) or if it isn’t.

This plugin can also check if a module or extension is installed.


  • value: required
  • is_in: required if is_not_in is not set
  • is_not_in: required if is_in is not set
  • contains: required if is_in or is_not_in are not set
  • separator: optional (default: |) you can change the list separator here.

value, is_in, is_not_in, *contains* parameters can be global variables, entry field value, etc.


IS IN condition:

{exp:pvl_checkif value=“123” is_in=“1|12|123”}
<p>Yes Sir!</p>
<p>No Sir!</p>

IS NOT IN condition:

{exp:pvl_checkif value=“123” is_not_in=“1|12”}
<p>Yes Sir!</p>
<p>No Sir!</p>

CONTAINS condition:

{exp:pvl_checkif value=“123” contains=“12”}
<p>Yes Sir!</p>
<p>No Sir!</p>

Check if a module is installed:

{exp:pvl_checkif:module is_installed=“playa”}
  <p>Playa is installed</p>

Check if a extension is installed:

{exp:pvl_checkif:extension is_installed=“Mo_variables”}
  <p>Mo’ Variables is installed</p>

Release logs


  • check if module or extension is installed
  • coded refactored
  • copyright updated


  • Improved preformance by adding static cache when parsing global variables


  • Re-parse global variables stored in config files (see bug at http://expressionengine.com/bug_tracker/bug/17801)
  • Giga error when the condition is false


  • Added “contains” parameter
  • Added {else}

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3 Reviews:

Akwadnet 05.06.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

this Add-one is Awesome…

pvledoux 03.27.12

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@E Alton: now it does!

E Alton 10.24.11

E Alton
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Was looking for an alternative to Erik Regan’s “If Contains” and this is almost it. Would be great if it worked that way instead of only if the match is exact.