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Pixel & Tonic - Brandon Kelly

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  • jQuery for the Control Panel

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OUTDATED. Enhanced replacements for the Checkboxes, Select Dropdown, Multi Select, and Radio Buttons fieldtypes bundled with EE2.

OUTDATED. Use the other version of Field Pack instead.

P&T Field Pack features:

  • Ability to specify each option’s label separately from its value
  • Ability to group your options into optgroups
  • Multiple template tags for accessing your option settings and field data in different ways
  • Matrix compatibility

Download P&T Field Pack

EE Support Downloads Add-On Version Release Date
Not Specified Download 1.0.3 Dec 15, 2010

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2 Reviews:

travisb 01.26.12

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Saved me lots of time with multi-select option & option name alone. Thanks P&T.

pageaffairs 08.19.10

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

This is a brilliant little add-on that I would happily have paid money for. Takes about 30 seconds to install and set up, thanks to the crystal-clear setup instructions. Add wonderful flexibility to EE fields, whether using Matrix or not.