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ExpressionEngine member data is now insanely easy to manage and edit! Store & edit member profile data directly in ExpressionEngine Channel entries, with all of the power that channels provide. Administrative privileges, custom fields, SafeCracker forms, and getting to ditch the troublesome member templates and tags. Super easy and leverages what you already know and love.

Imagine, being able to add any type of channel field to member profiles. Ditching EE’s member templates and tags completely. Connecting channel entries to members using Playa, or other single or multi-relationship fields. Multiple Profiles for members. Advanced registration forms. Without sacrificing any bit of ExpressionEngine’s built in member system, Profile:Edit gives you these powerful features and more.

  • Member data is saved in channel entries, with all of the power and flexibility that EE’s channel system provides.
  • Member registration and edit forms can use EE’s full template system. No EE member tags are necessary. You have total design control.
  • Give members the power to manage multiple profiles.
  • Create complex member registration forms with CodeIgniter style custom validation, inline error handling, and AJAX capabilities.
  • Fully compatible with CartThrob ecommerce.
  • Multi-site Manager compatible. Member data can be created and edited cross-site.
  • Members are also registered to EE’s built in membership system. Member maintenance is still a breeze.
  • Developers—we’ve added extension hooks. It’s simple to push new member data from third-party apps (like MailChimp or CampaignMonitor).
  • .... and if that’s not enough, there are some other hidden gems. Read the docs to find out more
  • Member data can be edited through Profile:Edit tags OR through SafeCracker!

Powerful but simple to use, Profile:Edit leverages what you already know and love. EE’s channel system is fantastic, it gives you so much control, flexibility, and administration. Now you can add that power to EE’s member system.

Profile:Edit can be used in addition to, or instead of EE’s member system, Solspace User, and Zoo Visitor.

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4 Reviews:

Director Dash 03.24.14

Director Dash
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Great product; used on several sites, but prone to major bugs. With the current version on three of my sites, members can’t logout.
The next problem comes with MBR’s tech support, which only comes in the form of a call back - nowhere on their site to submit a bug report, or just drop an email.

aaronlax 05.31.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Great module, but have not been able to get support response in over a week to fix a major 2.6.1 compatibility issue that creates major issues with duplicate entries, and registration/signup errors. Would be 5 stars without the support issues.

Sneed's Feed & Seed 10.30.12

Sneed's Feed & Seed
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

An excellent value compared to buying both User and Zoo Triggers. The tags are very powerful and intuitive. My one complaint is maddeningly slow support that requires several “twitter pokes” to get a reply.

InductiveIdeas 06.21.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

This plugin is awesome.  I love the global variables feature as well, so I can literally access the data anywhere.  Great work mightybigrobot.  Also supre fast support.