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  • Stand Alone Entry Form
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Fun with strings! PHPStringFun is the plugin that acts as a gateway to PHP’s string functions without needing to activate PHP in a template.

Fun with strings

This widely-installed ExpressionEngine add-on is a general-use text-formatting plugin that enables access to PHP string functions without activating PHP in the template.

Why would you not want to activate PHP in your template? One important scenario for the plugin is that you actually do have PHP activated, but set to parse at the input stage, while you need something else done in the same template requiring PHP at the output stage.

Also, people just like using it, particular in templates where not much PHP is needed.


Functions this plugin is known to work with:

  • addcslashes
  • bin2hex
  • chop
  • chr
  • chunk_split
  • convert_cyr_string
  • convert_uudecode
  • convert_uuencode
  • count_chars
  • crc32
  • crypt
  • echo
  • explode
  • get_html_translation_table
  • hebrev
  • hebrevc
  • html_entity_decode
  • htmlentities
  • htmlspecialchars_decode
  • htmlspecialchars
  • join
  • levenshtein
  • localeconv
  • ltrim
  • md5_file
  • md5
  • metaphone
  • money_format
  • nl_langinfo
  • nl2br
  • number_format
  • ord
  • parse_str
  • print
  • printf
  • quoted_printable_decode
  • quotemeta
  • rtrim
  • setlocale
  • sha1_file
  • sha1
  • similar_text
  • soundex
  • sprintf
  • sscanf
  • str_ireplace
  • str_pad
  • str_repeat
  • str_replace
  • str_rot13
  • str_shuffle
  • str_split
  • str_word_count
  • strcasecmp
  • strchr
  • strcmp
  • strcoll
  • strcspn
  • strip_tags
  • stripcslashes
  • stripos
  • stripslashes
  • stristr
  • strlen
  • strnatcasecmp
  • strnatcmp
  • strncasecmp
  • strncmp
  • strpbrk
  • strpos
  • strrchr
  • strrev
  • strripos
  • strrpos
  • strspn
  • strstr
  • strtok
  • strtolower
  • strtoupper
  • strtr
  • substr_compare
  • substr_count
  • substr_replace
  • substr
  • trim
  • ucfirst
  • ucwords
  • vfprintf
  • vprintf
  • vsprintf
  • wordwrap

The download file contains a version of the plugin for both EE v1.x and v2.x.

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3 Reviews:

Postitief 09.09.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Great Add-on, can do some usefull PHP stuff without PHP code! Sometimes I just mis PHP in EE. Keep up the good work!

davejfox 08.09.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Cool add-on but the documentation is lacking.

Esparon 08.23.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

This add-on is so helpful when you need a little string manipulation in a template !

I only regret the documentation is not easy enough to understand. (But it might be because I’m french too).