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  • ExpressionEngine 2


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  • Updater
  • Multi Site Manager
  • Stand Alone Entry Form
  • Low Variables
  • Content Elements
  • Better Workflow
  • Matrix
  • Grid
  • Webservice
  • Publisher


  • jQuery for the Control Panel

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Preview channel entries and pages in context before publishing. NSM Live Look is a Multi-Site Manager compatible ExpressionEngine addon that expands on the built-in Live Look functionality and allows you to see saved entries in template context directly in the CP. View the page as it will appear on the website and be confident that when you set the entry's status to 'open' it will look just you expected. Please note: This add-on does not enable live WYSIWYG editing of templates or live updates.

Since version 1.6.1. ExpressionEngine has implemented a ‘Live Look’ entry preview functionality. While a welcome addition, it didn’t quite match my development workflow.

Problems with the native Live Look implementation include:

  • No custom urls support forcing you to use /template_group/template/entry_id/ format. This doesn’t't suit my site which used custom url formats including the {url_title} parameter.
  • No Pages Module support.
  • No Publish Form preview.
  • Limited to one preview URL per channel.
  • How it works
  • NSM Live Look uses custom statuses and / or channel parameters to preview entries in templates secured by URL obfuscation or basic authentication (built into EE).

The preview URL is based on the entries attributes (<entry_id>, <url_title>, <author_id>, etc). The url is then used to load the corresponding template into an <iframe> custom field in the publish form.

NSM Live Look has many features to enhance your publishing workflow. They include:

  • Multiple preview urls: Preview your entries using one or more dynamically template paths generated from entry data such as {url_title}, {entry_id}, {author_id} and more
  • Publish Form Live Look tab: Preview entries while editing them directly from the CP
  • Multi-Site Manager compatible: Independent extension settings for each site
  • NSM Addon Updater compatible: Stay up-to-date with the latest versions of NSM Live Look

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4 Reviews:

John Della Vecchia 11.09.13

John Della Vecchia
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

They do not respond to support. This add-on does not work in 2.7.2. It throws fatal errors. Avoid this company.

masterexmachina 11.03.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Although I love this addon, it is not updated for a long time. I did upgrate to latest EE and has same problem as last few times, it is not updated. But until now, it worked more or less, now it just does not work at all. Too bad.

qlab 06.10.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

doesn’t work on ee2.6.1: Fatal error: Call to a member function get_channels() on a non-object in ../expressionengine/third_party/nsm_live_look/ext.nsm_live_look.php on line 182

Alex Kendrick 04.15.13

Alex Kendrick
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Very useful add-on. Multiple preview URLs per channel a preview tab inside the publish form are key features.