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  • Updater
  • Multi Site Manager
  • Stand Alone Entry Form
  • Low Variables
  • Content Elements
  • Better Workflow
  • Matrix
  • Grid
  • Webservice
  • Publisher


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Extension, Plugin


Editor's Pick
Each month the devot:ee staff picks an add-on that's especially well thought out, well built, and useful. They're add-ons that we love and think you will too!

Minimee was chosen in July 2013.

Minimize, combine & cache your CSS and JS files. Minify your HTML. Because size DOES matter.

Minimee2 is out!

Minimee watches your filesystem for changes to your CSS & JS assets, and automatically combines, minifies & caches these assets whenever changes are detected. It can also detect changes to stylesheet templates (whether saved as files or not).

Version 2’s substantial re-write has ushered in a host of changes big and small. It is the same Minimee you’ve come to rely on, with more power, intelligence, and fun-ness.

Features Include:

  • works with the global variables, even {stylesheet=}
  • works with external files, over cURL or file_get_contents()
  • new output options
  • minify your HTML
  • fine-grained, per-asset configuration abilities
  • purpose-built compatibility with RequireJS, LABjs, etc
  • queue files for later, irrespective of the Parse Order
  • hooks for 3rd party integration
  • API for 3rd party add-ons
  • compatible with server-side compression & caching

Minimee is inspired and influenced by SL Combinator from Experience Internet, and Carabiner Asset Management Library from Tony Dewan. It is released under a BSD 3-Clause License.

New documentation can be found here:

Download Minimee

EE Support Downloads Add-On Version Release Date
Not Specified Download 2.1.13 Sep 5, 2014
Not Specified Download 1.1.8 Oct 11, 2012

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Hooks Used

If the add-on is an extension, and ties into ExpressionEngine's core files, it will use ExpressionEngine hooks. We are listing any hooks the add-on uses for developers to have an easier time locating other add-ons that they can reference for their own work.

  1. template_post_parse

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23 Reviews:

Versa Studio 10.11.17

Versa Studio
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Easy to use, helpful, quick to setup! Thanks, John.

Elliot Lewis 02.05.14

Elliot Lewis
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Default install. Must have for all my EE sites. John’s support is also the best.

lehrerfreund 11.22.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Since AutoMin is no longer developed I am using Minimee, and it’s absolutely fantastic - you can use it easy, but you also can use advanced features like queuing. Or: The possibility to config via the config.php to save 1 DB-query. Developer is super-cooperative and helpful. Thanks!

johnniefp 10.17.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Beautiful in its forced simplicity and execution.

We should all be using this.

PutYourLightsOn 03.14.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Love this add-on, huge time saver and must have for every site!

Derek Hogue 03.11.13

Derek Hogue
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Another must-install on every site. Beautifully does all the hard work of crunching and caching all scripts, libraries and styles. Excellent support to boot.

Percipio 01.07.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Part of our default EE installs… 100% recommended.

David Hyland 10.25.12

David Hyland
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Absolutely essential in every EE build! Thank you!

Bjørn Børresen 08.14.12

Bjørn Børresen
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Have started using this in just about every project now .. works like a charm!

huelabs 06.21.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Does what it says with the least amount of effort. Thanks John!

Andre Van Kets 05.18.12

Andre Van Kets
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

We were on a major mission to improve site performance after upgrading from EE1 to EE2 for a couple of our travel websites. Minimee is a key (free!) ingredient to our fast website recipe.

Great work John.

neekster 02.20.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

I’ve been using this for a few months as standard now on all our sites. It’s absolutely rock solid. We can put all the settings in our config file meaning it deploys nicely with our framework.

Good debug option too which makes troubleshooting any problems a quick process.

Great work John!

Ryan Masuga 02.17.12

Ryan Masuga
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Well done add-on. Had this working on a client site within a few minutes. I was using regular Minify before, but always had to enable PHP, or add a new file to an array, etc, but this is much easier.

I like that I can avoid the overhead of using the extension by using config variables. Solid work.

Sean Delaney 02.09.12

Sean Delaney
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

I’ve started adding this plugin to all my projects.  Highly recommended!

Media Surgery 01.12.12

Media Surgery
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

The dogs nuts!

Great add on.

Nuno Albuquerque 08.17.11

Nuno Albuquerque
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Excellent plugin! Unless you’re pre-packing your CSS before deployment, this is a MUST HAVE!

brettderry 07.27.11

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Super add-on – this makes compressing CSS and JS one less thing I have to think about. Thanks!

JCDerrick 06.06.11

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Works great for combining and caching CSS and JS files, while still allowing you to turn off the extension in the settings for debugging purposes. Wish I’d discovered this a long time ago; this is a must for all our EE sites now.

Narration 05.17.11

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

John, I just want to say this is an ace add-on. It got rid of a sneaky white flash problem for me, on Google Chrome which is presently notorious for this when using dark backgrounds. All good, the more I see how it does on all. Thank you.

Darren Miller (dmlogic) 04.14.11

Darren Miller (dmlogic)
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Fantastic for making production sites efficient whilst leaving you with all the debugging you need during development. Highly recommended.

Jon @ Hanno 03.07.11

Jon @ Hanno
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Great addon – regularly updated and with great support from John.

Todd D. 12.03.10

Todd D.
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Awesome add-on with an awesome name. Thanks John!

Leon Dijk (GWcode) 12.02.10

Leon Dijk (GWcode)
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Excellent add-on. No longer having to create compressed versions of JS & CSS files manually for live environments – 5/5 stars!