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MC SVG Icon is a simple plugin to enable easy use of external SVG icons in EE2.

MC SVG Icon is a simple plugin to enable easy use of external SVG icons in EE2.


Standalone (no index.php changes)

{exp:svg:single:[full_symbol_ID] file="/relative/path/to/svgdefs.svg"}

For example:

{exp:svg:single:icon-home file="/assets/svg/svgdefs.svg"}

Single tag:


Where [symbol_ID] is the ID of the desired <symbol>, sans whatever you specified for icon_svg_symbol_id_prefix in the index.php. So to show the home icon, use {exp:svg:single:home}.

Tag Pair:




Adds the specified class(es) to the generated <svg> tag.

title="My Title"

Adds a <title> tag to the generated <svg> and links it to the <use> tag using aria-labelledby.

fill="#bada55" (added in v1.1)

Applies the specified fill color to the generated <use> tag.


The .svg file to use for this instance. It can either be used as an override of the regular file specified in index.php, or as a way of avoiding alterations to index.php altogether.

The path should be relative to the web root, as it will be used by the browser to find the external .svg file.

Config vars in index.php (optional; recommended)

Add to index.php (or your equivalent) the following:

$assign_to_config['icon_svg_file'] = '/relative/path/to/svgdefs.svg';
$assign_to_config['icon_svg_symbol_id_prefix'] = 'icon-';
$assign_to_config['icon_svg_global_class'] = 'icon';

(The prefix is what you see in the ‘id’ parameter on line 3 below)

Sample svgdefs.svg

1:  <svg display="none" width="0" height="0" version="1.1" xmlns="" xmlns:xlink="">
2:      <defs>
3:          <symbol id="icon-home" viewBox="0 0 1024 1024">
4:              <title>home</title>
5:              <path class="path1" d="..."></path>
6:          </symbol>
7:          <!-- more <symbols> -->
8:      </defs>
9:  </svg>

The svgdefs.svg generated by the wonderful app is perfect for this.

Sample Output

Assuming the following settings in index.php:

$assign_to_config['icon_svg_file'] = '/assets/svg/svgdefs.svg';
$assign_to_config['icon_svg_symbol_id_prefix'] = 'icon-';
$assign_to_config['icon_svg_global_class'] = 'icon';

The template code {exp:svg:single:home class="myclass"} would produce:

1:  <svg class="icon icon-home myclass">
2:      <use xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href="/assets/svg/svgdefs.svg#icon-home"></use>
3:  </svg>

By adding a title parameter, the code {exp:svg:single:home class="myclass" title="My Title"} would produce:

1:  <svg class="icon icon-home myclass">
2:      <use xmlns:xlink="" xlink:href="/assets/svg/svgdefs.svg#icon-home" aria-labelledby="title__home">
3:          <title id="title__home">My Title</title>
4:      </use>
5:  </svg>

Download MC SVG Icon

EE Support Downloads Add-On Version Release Date
Not Specified Download 1.0.1 Sep 28, 2015
Not Specified Download 1.1.0 Nov 12, 2015

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