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Always have trouble with the integration of Google Maps on your site? Always struggling to get it work? Well, those days are gone with the Google Maps (Gmaps) plugin for ExpressionEngine. You can now easily create Maps, markers, polygon, routes and more! It support all major functionality of the Google Maps API and more will come.

Gmaps has been renamed and updated in the new Maps module. You can download it here

The following features are supported

  • Geocoding
  • Geolocation
  • Routes
  • Polygon
  • Polyline
  • Circle
  • Rectangle
  • FusionTables
  • KML GeoRSS
  • Layers (Weather, Transit, Traffic, Bicycling and Places)
  • Elevation services
  • Details for the route
  • Static Maps
  • Complex Markers
  • Styled Maps
  • Panorama map
  • Stamen Maps: (Toner and Watercolor)
  • Openstreetmap map type
  • Cloudmade map type
  • Search by address or latlng
  • Caching the result to avoid problems with the Google limit on the queries
  • JS API
  • Geocoder API using POST requests
  • Debug your results via EE native Template Debugging option.
  • Geocoder can be used also in other apps
  • Lightning fast
  • and many more!

There is also an fieldtype available, see here!

For more information and examples, go to

Gmaps Modules

  • Gmaps Fieldtype: This add a fully featured Gmaps fieldtype to your CP, Channel Form.
  • Gmaps Data: Looking for a storelocator, then Gmaps Data module will do the job.
  • Gmaps Services: This module add Elevation, Places to the Gmaps marker tags, but also add some great EE tags for Places, Directions etc..
  • Gmaps Importer: import your locations with DataGrab

Maps Links

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