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Doug Black, Jr.

3rd Party (Commercial)
Current Version: V1.2
Minimum EE Version: 3.1.0
Release Date: Dec 8, 2019

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EE Version Support

  • ExpressionEngine 3
  • ExpressionEngine 4
  • ExpressionEngine 5


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  • jQuery for the Control Panel

Add-On Type(s)



This EE3//54 addon sends an email to an individual or member group after a channel entry is created or updated.

Mail After Edit


This EE3/4/5 addon sends an email to an individual or member group after a channel entry is created or updated.


  1. Copy entire folder to your system/user/addons folder.
  2. On your EE backend, navigate to Developer > Addons (
  3. Scroll to Third Party Add-Ons.
  4. Find Mail After Edit and click Install.
  5. Edit the config in the code to your settings!


Please note that you must have entry versioning turned on for whatever channels you are using this in.


Version 1.1 utilizes EE’s native emailing by default. However, it also comes with a separate Mailgun set up out of the box.

This addon utilizes the Mailgun API to send the emails. This is easy and free for 50K emails per month.

In order to form an account, you will need to go to

You will need your sandbox or domain information for use in the addon.


All config settings are in the root folder of the addon in the config.php file. There are three primary settings.


Version 1.1 utilizes EE’s native emailing by default. If you are using the native functionality, you can leave this unchanged.

This array contains your mailgun information. You can use either your sandbox account (if you are using this for internal use) or utilize your own domain. Instructions for this are available at

  • use_mailgun: Set this to true if you would like to continue using Mailgun.


  • domain: Domain for your Mailgun account. This can be either your registered domain or your sandbox domain.


  • from: This is the email your email notifications will come from. If you are using a Mailgun sandbox account, this is the registered email address. If you are using your own domain, you can make this any email at your domain.


  • key: Your API key for the domain you are using.


This array contains your channel information. The initial numnber, as you’ll see in the current example config, is the Channel ID for the channel you want to notify on. Each channel ID has an array associated.

  • type: This can be set to email or member_group. Email is for individual email addresses that will be notified for a channel. Member Group will notify everyone who is a member of the assigned group.


  • email: If the type is set to email, this is the email address you will send notifications to. You can do either a string value for email, or a PHP array.


  • groupid: If the type is set to membergroup, this is the group ID number of the member group you will send to. This information is available in your admin panel by navigating to Members, then Member Groups.


This array contains your message information. This allows you to edit the message that is sent to users, as well as the domain you are using (for easy linking).

  • start: The starting line.


  • end: The ending line.


  • config: The full domain name that you are using, without a trailing slash.


These fields will be skipped in emails, as they are not used that much and will email you way too much. Defaults to entry_date and submit. Add whatever fields you like by their field name (not field label).


Set it and forget it! Once you have all the information in your config file, it will automatically send the email anytime an entry in that particular channel is created or updated.

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