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The Link Vault Zipper extension is a companion add-on to the Link Vault module. It allows you to zip multiple files on the fly for a user to download using Link Vault's regular template tags. The zipped files are tracked individually in the download log as if the user downloaded multiple files separately.

This is a companion add-on to Link Vault. Link Vault is required.

Link Vault Zipper Features

  • Generate and download zip files on the fly
  • Automatically delete the zip file from the server when the download completes (optional)
  • The extension creates Link Vault download records for each file in the zip file
  • The extension uses your Link Vault module settings to determine functionality.

Link Vault Zipper Requirements

  • ExpressionEngine 2.7+
  • Link Vault 1.3.0+
  • “zipper_files” Link Vault custom field (created automatically)

Download Zip File Examples

The following examples demonstrate how to use Link Vault and Link Vault Zipper to create and download a single zip file on the fly. When Link Vault Zipper is installed it creates a custom Link Vault field called “zipper_files” that is used to hold the list of files that are to be zipped. In the first example, each file in the list contains the path to the file relative to the document root. The second example contains only the file names so Link Vault Zipper will assume those files can be found in the Link Vault default hidden folder as specified in the configuration variable or the Link Vault module settings. In each example, the file_name/file_path parameter represents the name of the zip file that will be created on the server.

Files to be zipped (relative paths)

{exp:link_vault:download_link file_path='temp/zip/files/'
    text='Download the zipped images'

Files to be zipped (assumed to be in the default hidden folder)

{exp:link_vault:download_link file_name=''
   text='Download the animal images'

Retrieving files from a Matrix field

The following example shows how to retrieve a list of files that are stored using a Safecracker File field within a Matrix field. Link Vault Zipper automatically removes your website’s base URL from the file paths and ignores empty file paths so there is no need to backspace the trailing pipe in the cf:zipper_files parameter.

{exp:link_vault:download_link file_name=''
   text='Download the archive'
   cf:zipper_files='{matrix_files}{file_path}|{/matrix_files}' }

Please refer to the Link Vault documentation for more detailed instructions on how to use the link_vault:download_link tag as well as information on the various Link Vault configuration variables.

Download Link Vault Zipper

EE Support Downloads Add-On Version Release Date
2.7.0+ Download 1.5 Dec 17, 2014
2.7.0+ Download 1.6 Oct 22, 2015

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