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The Google Search Results plugin leverages the Google Web Search API to retreive search results for your site (or via your Google Custom Search Engine) and display them using good ole' EE templates.

Note: the Google Web Search API that this plugin uses has been officially deprecated by Google, and will cease to function on November 1st 2013. The EE2 version, Google Custom Search, uses the new replacement API.

To use, simply create a search form for your site with a text input named ‘q’ and submit it via POST or GET to a template containing the Google Search Results tag pair.  See the README in the download for a full documentation of the tag parameters and available variables.

Here’s an example template:

{exp:google_search_results site=""}
    {if search_results}
        <p>You searched for <strong>{keywords}</strong> and got 
        {total_search_results} {if total_search_results == "1"}result{if:else}results{/if}.</p>
        {if count == "1"}<ul>{/if}
            <h3><a href="{url}">{title}</a></h3>
            <p><small>{url} <a href="{cached_url}">(cached)</a></small></p>
        {if count == total_page_results}</ul>{/if}
    {if no_search_results}
        <p>Sorry, no results for <strong>{keywords}</strong>.</p>
    {if paginate}
        <p>Page {page_number} of {total_pages} : {pagination}</p>
    {if last_results_page && results_overflow}
        <p><a href="{google_results_url}">View all {total_google_search_results} results on Google</a></p>

NOTE: Currently the Google Web Search API limits queries to 8 results per page, with a total of 64 results for any given query.

This plugin has been tested with EE 1.6.8. The EE2 version can be found here. If you’re running PHP < 5.2, you’ll need to upload the included JSON.php file to your /system/lib/ directory. Also, cURL support and OpenSSL are required!

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Not Specified Download 1.0.3 Sep 23, 2010

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Ruairidh GalbraithREMOVED 09.23.10

Ruairidh GalbraithREMOVED
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

This plugin has just been added to my must-have add-ons list for EE1.6.x. Clients have complained about EE’s built-in search and they love Google Search Results. It just works. Also, Derek (the developer) was more than helpful when I encountered an error and he had a fix for me within 24 hours(!)