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The Google Calendar Events plugin displays a list of upcoming events from one or more Google Calendars in your web site. It contains variables for the main Calendar fields (what, where, when, description), can combine events from multiple Calendars in a single event list, and has an alternate start_day variable pair for displaying a date header above the first event per day.

Google Calendar Events is a plugin for the ExpressionEngine Content Management System that provides a new {exp:googlecal_events} tag for your templates.

The {exp:googlecal_events} tag displays a list of upcoming events from one or more Google Calendars in your web site. This makes it possible to take advantage of the superior editing and time management features of Google Calendar while displaying these scheduled and/or recurring events in your own style on your site.

Requires the free Zend Gdata package and a working Google account to use. This plugin has been tested with ExpressionEngine 1.6.8.


  1. Download the Zend Gdata package and install the Zend library in a directory in your PHP Include Path.
  3. Download this plugin to your site’s System/Plugins directory.


google_calendarsThe Google Calendar id (eg “”) or a comma-delimited list of id’s.
userThe username of your Google account (your Gmail address should work here).
passwordThe password of your Google account.
num_daysThe number of days to display
max_cache_age [optional]The maximum age in seconds of the local file cache for the events. If not specified, the default value of 900 (15 minutes) will be used.

Single Variables

{start_time format=“%Y %m %d”}The start time of the event. Uses ExpressionEngine’s Date Variable Formatting
{end_time format=“%Y %m %d”}The end time of the event. Uses ExpressionEngine’s Date Variable Formatting
{what}The title of the event (from the “what” field in Google Calendar)
{where}The location of the event (from the “where” field in Google Calendar)
{description}The description of the event (from the “description” field in Google Calendar)

Variable Pairs

  format=“%Y %m %d”}
The start time of the event, only displayed for the first event each day. Uses ExpressionEngine’s Date Variable Formatting . This makes it possible to create a Date header that appears above all of the events for that day.

Example 1 – Simple List Of Events

{exp:googlecal_events google_calendars="<cal>" user="<user>" 
    password="<password>" num_days="14" }
    {start_time format="%g:%i %a"}: {what} ({where})<br>

Example 2 – TV Shows This Week

    user="<user>" password="<password>" num_days="7" 
    {start_day}<div data-style="font: bold 14px Verdana;">
        {start_day_format format="%l, %M %j %Y"}
    {start_time format="%g:%i %a"} - {what} <br>
    <div data-style="margin: 0 4em 1em 4em;">{description}</div>

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