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This module allows you to build country-based redirect rules for your visitors. You can show pop-up message for your visitors or redirect users right after they open the site. Module allows you to define custom messages and redirect URL for each country.

This is a pretty-simple but powerful module which gives you a tool to redirect visitors from each country to the different URLs.
Module using GeoIP database to detect visitor’s country.

Change log

v1.1: Compatibility with ExpressionEngine 2.4 - 2.7
v1.2: Rule removal bugfix for webkit browsers ( Chrome, Safari )
v1.3: Added “redirect once” rule
v1.4: GPL licence
v1.5: Form fix for 2.9.*

1. Installing module

Unpack archive and copy catalog “cuho_georedirect” to your site catalog “system/expressionengine/third_party”
After that, navigate to your site modules using menu “Add-ons > Modules”.
Find module named “Geo Redirects” and click “Install” link.

Notice: This module requires PHP GeoIP library, but if your server configuration has no installed library, module will use internal wrapper for GeoIP.

2. Update template

You should add one additional line to your template right after “<body>” tag.
This templates usually called “header” or “page_header”.
Find “<body>” tag and add right after


Please note: if you are not sure where to place that code, please ask professionals for help to avoid troubles with your site.

3. Using module

After module was properly installed you can enter to the module rules builder: go to menu “Add-ons > Modules”.
Find module “Geo Redirects” and click on module name.

4. Redirect modes

Module have a three operation modes:

  • “Instant redirect” — without any message
  • “Pop-up” — ask to confirm proposed redirect by showing pop-up message with URL, text and action links
  • “Instant single redirect” — redirects visiton without any message but only ONCE

5. Redirect rules

To create a new rule, click “add entry” link new to the “Redirect rules” caption. This action will add new “Redirect entry” block with fields.

Enter necessary values to the fields:

  • “Country” — select country from the list. All visitors from selected country will be redirected to the URL or will see your message.
  • “URL” — address where visitor will be redirected.
  • “Pop-up title” — if your module configured to work in “Pop-up” mode, this text will be shown as a pop-up message title
  • “Pop-up message” — aslo for “Pop-up” mode, this text will be shown as a message in a pop-up

Please note: “Country” and “URL” is a mandatory fields, you should always enter valid values for this fields.

“Pop-up title” and “Pop-up message” may be empty if your module works in “Instant redirect” mode, but do not leave it empty for “Pop-up” mode;

After fields was populated, click “Save changes” button in bottom to save your rules.

Delete a rule
To delete defined rule click “remove” link in a top right corner of the “Redirect entry” block, and confirm rule removal.

6. Multiple entries for the same country

Module support only one rule per country.
Please, do not create more that one rule for each country. All extra rules will be removed.

7. Pop-up window

Second mode “Pop-up” will show fancy box which will apper in a page top.
User will not be automatically redirected until click “ok, redirect me please”. After that, user will be redirected on all further visits of the site.

Click on “not this time” will hide pop-up window for the moment, but pop-up will be shown again on each next page.

“never ask” link will hide message and remember user choice. Message will never displayed for this user again.

Please note: “redirect me” and “never ask” will be remembered for particular browser and computer. If the same visitor open siet in another browser — message will be shown again.

8. Desing: change pop-up box styling

Pop-up box styling represented by a couple rules:
#cuho_georedirect_content — mail content block, you can define message text colour and font size here.

#cuho_georedirect_content h4 — message title style, you can change padding, marging, colour and font parameters.

#cuho_georedirect_content .georedirect_message — message text style, you can change colour and font parameters.

#cuho_georedirect_content .georedirect_link — message URL style, you can change colour and font parameters.

#cuho_georedirect_content .georedirect_notice — bottom notice message block, you change change padding, marging, colour and font parameters.

#cuho_georedirect_close — links block style, you can change padding, marging, alignment for the block;

#cuho_georedirect_popup a — action links style, you can change colour and font parameters.

#cuho_georedirect_popup a:hover — action links style when mouse cursor is on, you can change colour and font parameters.

9. Questions, request and wishes

We are always open to help and make our products better.
If you have any request you can contact authors by mail:

Download Geo Redirect

EE Support Downloads Add-On Version Release Date
Not Specified Download 1.4 Apr 4, 2014
2.9.0+ Download 1.5 Feb 25, 2015

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