Modules that start with the letter C, are compatible with LG Add-on Updater, are compatible with Multi-Site Manager, are Free and are sorted by Entry Date.

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Code Pack


ExpressionEngine 2

The Code Pack module's purpose is to install preconfigured ExpressionEngine data into a website. This could be anything from pre-coded templates to sample channel entries to preconfigured member account. This module allows anyone to create packages of sample data, and works great as a supplimental help resource for addons by loading a fully functioning set of data.

Added April 26, 2012.

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CHP - CustomHookPoints


ExpressionEngine 2

CHP - CustomHookPoints allows you to add custom hook points to the start of any function, in any file in the /system/expressionengine/ directory.

Added March 22, 2012.

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Stephen Lewis (Experience Internet)

ExpressionEngine 2

Crumbly is the most powerful, most flexible ExpressionEngine breadcrumb manager on the market. Use it to add custom breadcrumbs to your website in minutes.

Added June 13, 2011.

CX Disqus Comments


ExpressionEngine 2

CX Disqus Comments allows you to easily add Disqus comments to your ExpressionEngine website. It also features two way comment sync - export your existing comments to Disqus with a single click, and automatically sync new Discus comments back to the ExpressionEngine database for SEO and backup purposes.

Added May 18, 2011.

Channel Videos


ExpressionEngine 2

Channel Videos allows for easy search and submitting of YouTube and Vimeo videos. Easily attach videos from the two popular video sources for your ExpressionEngine entries.

Added November 22, 2010.