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Reefine 3.2.2 - $69.00

Patrick Woodcock

ExpressionEngine 2, ExpressionEngine 3, ExpressionEngine 4, ExpressionEngine 5

Reefine allows your users to easily filter, search and refine your entries, in the familiar way of many major ecommerce websites. Now EE5 compatible.

Random Number 1.0 - $10.00


ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

Random Number allows you to output random numbers.

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Redirect Plugin 1.2 - $6.00

Mark Bowen Design

ExpressionEngine 1.x

Basically if you place this into a template then you will be re-directed to the URL specified in the location parameter.

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ExpressionEngine 1.x

Allows the user to simulate repeating events. When used in a template, Repeet tags display EE weblog entries as though they repeat at an interval set by the author.

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