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Rosie 1.0.1 - $99.00

The Outfit

ExpressionEngine 2

Rosie is a machine translation module for ExpressionEngine. Easily translate your ExpressionEngine templates into any language supported by either Google Translate or Bing Translator.

RSS Feedr 1.3 - $25.00

Carl Crawley (Made by Hippo Ltd.)

ExpressionEngine 2

RSS Feedr allows you to aggregate limitless numbers of RSS providers into a single feed using a simple admin interface. It allows you to specify whether the RSS feeds are 'Automatic' (pulled in and published to the front end) or 'Manual' (pulled in but held in a 'draft feeds' option for manual publishing).

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Restrictee 1.2.2 - $6.00

Sean Delaney

ExpressionEngine 2

Restrictee is an interface that allows EE admins to restrict access to their web site based on IP addresses through the CP. Use Restrictee to block all access to your web site, only allowing those in your "allowed list". Supports MSM.

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Return Management Addon - $40.00


ExpressionEngine 4, ExpressionEngine 5

It is a very new and useful addon for managing returns while using E-commerce systems in EE. It is linked up with CartThrob and Store. You can see that there is no option in both the add-ons for managing returns. RMA provides the tags that you can use to build a form of return request for your customers. You will have a back-end panel where you as admin can see the status of all orders that are requested for return. This addon will be working for the entire order or on a particular item from any order.

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