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SuperGeekery Tag Stripper

John Morton (SuperGeekery)

ExpressionEngine 2

It takes a block of HTML and strips out tags, based on what you want to keep or save. Simple. Also supports encoding of HTML special characters as an option, which can be useful for meta data tags in the header.

Session Variables Plugin

PutYourLightsOn (Ben Croker)

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

This is an Expression Engine plugin that allows you to store variables in PHP's native session.

Editor's Pick
Each month the devot:ee staff picks an add-on that's especially well thought out, well built, and useful. They're add-ons that we love and think you will too!

Switchee was chosen in May 2012.

Mark Croxton

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2, ExpressionEngine 3, ExpressionEngine 4

Use switch/case control logic in your templates.

SimplEE Instagram


ExpressionEngine 2, ExpressionEngine 3

SimplEE Instagram allows simple Instagram implementation by filtering by user or hashtag into Expression Engine variables and syntax.



ExpressionEngine 2, ExpressionEngine 3

Perform common operations on strings such as changing case, truncating, finding/replacing, repeating, encoding/decoding, generating slugs, and more.

Social Login and Social Share


ExpressionEngine 2, ExpressionEngine 3

Let users log in and share via their social accounts with Facebook, Google, Amazon, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, QQ and over 25 more!

Structure Nav

Rob Sanchez

ExpressionEngine 2

ExpressionEngine plugin for making custom Structure navigation using a tag pair.


Digital Surgeons

ExpressionEngine 2

Ever want to use php in your templates because of some glaringly missing functionality? SurgerEE is an ongoing collection of tags filling those gaps and aiding with your template surgery.

Structure Entries

Peter Lewis

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

Extends the excellent Structure module with a tag pair that allows you to output your Structure managed pages with your own html markup, with control on the depth of parent/child and is completely independent of weblog:entries (doesn’t sit inside {exp:weblog:entries} tag). It also supports categories and FieldFrame.


Codesly (David Dexter)

ExpressionEngine 2

Creates a simple snippet from a block of text.

String Divide

Shoe Shine Design & Development

ExpressionEngine 2

Divide and insert! Divide any html/text string at the exact point you want so you can insert another custom text/html string or EE tag. Great for adding ads into paragraphs, creating dynamic toggle sections of long paragraphs, and inserting an EE field within another field. See "More Examples" in documentation.

Store Product Modifiers Range

Jason Varga

ExpressionEngine 2

Show the actual price range of an Exp:resso Store product based off its modifiers.

Structure Get URL

Rein de Vries

ExpressionEngine 2

Get the Structure/pages uri or url with a simple call.


Darren Miller (DM Logic)

ExpressionEngine 2

Adds an additional layer of security to the SafeCracker module by restricting which fields can be posted on a per-member-group basis

Simple Mail

Marion Newlevant

ExpressionEngine 2

Send e-mail from a form. Works with Core license EE (which does not include Email module). Free plugin.

Simple MailChimp

Jeremy Worboys

ExpressionEngine 2

Simple MailChimp is a simple way to display a MailChimp sign-up form on your website.

Segment Search

Rob Sanchez

ExpressionEngine 2

Search URL segments for use in conditionals.

Simple Pagination

Vaya Design

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

The Simple Pagination plugin makes it possible to split up an entry into an unlimited number of pages by simply entering {pagebreak}. Unlike EE's built-in pagination system there is no need to create a custom field for each page.

Safecracker Registration

Objective HTML

ExpressionEngine 2

Safecracker Registration brings member management into your Channels by extending the all-mighty Safecracker. Safecracker Registration is perfect for those sites that just need a simple member registration form, but need to use Channel Fields to store the data.

Search Summary

Easy Designs, LLC (Aaron Gustafson)

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

Creates truncated search summaries that isolate searched keywords, highlighting them as well.

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