Accessories that start with the letter C, require jQuery for the Control Panel and are sorted by Entry Date.

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CUHO Categories Groups


ExpressionEngine 2

Change you categories groups in two easy steps: drag and save. This module will helps you to re-organize your categories structure by changing categories-to-groups assignment.

Added June 3, 2014.

Caution Tape

Jason Varga

ExpressionEngine 2

Prevent destructive changes to your production site by mistake by adding some caution tape and an environment label to the top of your control panel.

Added August 27, 2013.

CP Logo

Versa Studio

ExpressionEngine 2

Add a logo to the sidebar of the Control Panel. Acts as a replacement for Leevi Graham's LG Add Sitename.

Added November 8, 2010.

Category Image Manager


ExpressionEngine 2

Call Native File Manager when editing category on Publish Page

Added November 1, 2010.

Ctrl+S to Save Template


ExpressionEngine 2

Helps to save template in a usual way. Just Ctrl+S (Cmd+S)...

Added September 7, 2010.