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Category Image Manager


ExpressionEngine 2

Call Native File Manager when editing category on Publish Page



ExpressionEngine 2

Adds file browser to category image field when editing categories on the publish page.

Caution Tape

Jason Varga

ExpressionEngine 2

Prevent destructive changes to your production site by mistake by adding some caution tape and an environment label to the top of your control panel.

Comment Badge

Todd Perkins

ExpressionEngine 2

Comment Badge is a simple accessory that adds a badge to the top bar of the ExpressionEngine control panel to show you how many unmoderated comments you currently have.

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Control Panel Rebrand


ExpressionEngine 2

An ExpressionEngine 2 Accessory that completely rebrands your control panel into a black & blue theme. Includes new icons & Structure modifications.

CP Logo

Versa Studio

ExpressionEngine 2

Add a logo to the sidebar of the Control Panel. Acts as a replacement for Leevi Graham's LG Add Sitename.

Ctrl+S to Save Template


ExpressionEngine 2

Helps to save template in a usual way. Just Ctrl+S (Cmd+S)...

CUHO Categories Groups


ExpressionEngine 2

Change you categories groups in two easy steps: drag and save. This module will helps you to re-organize your categories structure by changing categories-to-groups assignment.