Accessories that start with the letter E, require jQuery for the Control Panel and are sorted alphabetically by Title.

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Easy Page Links

Daniel Grieve

ExpressionEngine 2

An Accessory for ExpressionEngine 2 which extends the functionality of the default link HTML formatting button. The link button will now open a modal window which lists the current pages from the Pages module and also has a text input field for custom URLs.

Entry Trash

Rein de Vries

ExpressionEngine 2

Entry Trash is a Extension that will move an entry upon deletetion to the trash, with all their associated data. From here you can view the entries and you can restore or delete the entries entirely from the database. By using the Entry Trash, you will never lose your entry data entirely or accidentally by deleting.

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Trevor Davis

ExpressionEngine 2

Display which environment you are on at all times in the CP so you don't accidentally do something bad on the production environment.