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ZenDesk for the Control Panel

Design by Front

ExpressionEngine 1.x, ExpressionEngine 2

An ExpressionEngine Extension that allows the loading of ZenDesk dropbox for use in the ExpressionEngine Control Panel. All customisation options are configuable from the extension settings page.

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Zipcode Search

Anthony W. Rainer

ExpressionEngine 2

A quick and simple way to add zipcode searching to your EE. (U.S. Only)

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ExpressionEngine 2

zodEEac is a plugin to output Zodiac Name or Symbol for a given date field. The date field can be EE2 channel date field or a custom channel field or any date.

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Editor's Pick
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Zoo Flexible Admin was chosen in June 2012.
Zoo Flexible Admin


ExpressionEngine 2

Make it easier for you and your clients to use the EE control panel. Zoo Flexible Admin lets you fully customize the control panel menu per membergroup. Insert custom links, rename, re-order and remove menu items in order to create a more intuitive menu. New features: Breadcrumbs based on the custom created menu Set Control panel startpage per membergroup Auto-collapse sidebar per membergroup

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Zoo Triggers

ExpressionEngine Zoo

ExpressionEngine 2

No more fiddling around and wasting time trying to get categories and archives to play nice with your Structure setup. Zoo Triggers is the add-on that fills the gap between Structure and 'categories and archives'. Within seconds you have 'category and archive' functionality on your base Structure install.

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Zoo Visitor


ExpressionEngine 2

Note: the EE3 version of this add-on is now called "Visitor" and is available here: Total Member freedom, from forms to fields! Zoo Visitor gives you total control over your site members, allowing you to use any fieldtype to define their profile. The days of struggling with member registration, profile updates are over! Visitor comes with registration, update profile, logout, forgot password and login forms. An AJAX login form example is also included. It will be as pleasant as a visit to the Zoo.

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Zoo Zeebra

ExpressionEngine Zoo

ExpressionEngine 2

Zoo Zeebra is a very simple plugin that adds first and last classes to your lists/entries. It also adds classes for certain intervals (default 2, for odd and even rows).

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