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This plugin help you to delete entries out of the control panel. You can use this plugin inside the member panel. For more details you can visit us at

The Delete entry plugin enables your site users to delete entries from outside of the EE control panel if they have the appropriate permissions. You can modify the various messages that the script outputs by changing the values in the config section of pi.delete_entry.php.

The plugin has two functions that can be called as below -

GENERATE ‘DELETE’ LINKS - {exp:delete_entry:link}
This is a paired tag.  This generates the URL for the template that calls the exact Delete function.

Following are the parameters -
- entryid (Required) - The entry_id of the channel entry you wish to display a delete link for. E.g. 47
- template (Required) - The name of the template containing the {exp:delete_entry:delete} plugin code. E.g. site/delete
- showconfirm (Optional) - If this is set to “false” then the javascript confirmation box (“Are you sure?”) will not appear. Defaults to true.
- entrytype (Optional) - Makes it possible to modify the text displayed in the confirmation box. E.g. an entrytype of “image” would result in a confirmation message of “Are you sure you want to delete this image?”. Defaults to ‘entry’.
Example usage inside a weblog entries tag:
{exp:delete_entry:link entryid=”{entry_id}” entrytype=“image” template=“site/delete”}

The text written in between this paired tag would be shown as Hyperlink which will take you to the specified template (which has the delete function) 

DELETE ENTRIES - {exp:delete_entry:delete}
This tag should be embedded in a special ‘delete entry’ template. You can wrap as little or as much HTML around the tag as you like to ensure that the page is styled to suit your site. The user message (e.g. entry successfully deleted) will appear wherever the tag itself is placed. Currently the plugin is only designed to delete one entry at a time, so you should never embed more than one copy of the tag in a page. All of the standard EE access checks are completed before a user is allowed to delete the entry, so ensure that your member group permissions are set very carefully.

This function only has one parameter:
- returnlink (Optional) - If this is set to “true” then a link to the previous page will appear following a successful entry deletion. The text of this link can be adjusted by changing the value of $returntext in pi.delete_entry.php. Defaults to false.
This plugin is useful when you have a requirement of deleting any entry in ajax call. The return parameter works when the control needs to be sent to some other page.

Example usage:
{exp:delete_entry:delete returnlink=“true”}

This plugin allows the logged in user to delete his own entries if
The settings under the member group are set True for this.
A user can delete other authors entries only if
That member group has such permissions under member groups in admin panel.
*Care should also be exercised with the delete link tag as users will receive no prompt if javascript is not enabled in their browser (or if showconfirm is disabled).
The developers and vendor will not be responsible if any data is lost due to improper permissions, while implementing this plugin. Kindly do take care of passing the correct entry_id (which is really supposed to delete) as the parameter.

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