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Import content from any mysql database directly into EE - Allows for data to be imported from a remote/local database table to Channel, Matrix and Expresso Store fields.


This module allows you to connect to a remote or local database and import that data into a chosen channel.

With compatibility for expresso Store and Matrix, it means you can now import data from a legacy system, either initially, or on a regular basis via a Cron task and populate your inventory.

Perfect for importing data from an old CMS / eCommerce system into Expression Engine.  Due to the dynamic nature of the DataImport module you can now import content from any other mysql based CMS into EE in a single import.

We have successfully imported data from the following CMS databases - EE 1.xx / EE 2.xx / WordPress / Joomla / Drupal / CMSms

This item is no longer supported / in active development


Once installed, add your remote database connection information to the Remote DB Settings tab - this could be localhost / external connection.

Create a new Import from the Import List tab, you will see your database tables populated in a select field:

  • Select the table you wish to import from
  • If you need to join multiple tables to collate data, click the join link - the DataImport module will attempt to locate a common key (eg entry_id) - You can override this setting by manually changing the text field
  • Select the channel you wish to import to. This will auto generate the fieldtypes set for this channel and allow you to select which column corresponds to which field. It is advisable to setup the required fields / matrixes before running the import
  • Key - tells the module what field to use to check for duplicates. So every row will match by the key field. Eg: remote.sku=local.sku.
  • Required - will not create record / entry if field is empty / null.
  • Condition - will not create record / entry if condition is not met.

Finally, once all your fields are mapped, you can submit the import to save it.

Road Map

The following features are due in subsequent releases:

  • Import authors / comments
  • Support for More 3rd party fieldtypes

Release Notes

1.7 - Added MSM, author_id
1.6 - Bug fixes
1.5 - Category Support / Entry_id as key
1.4 - Table Join Update
1.3 - bug fix for required entries
1.2 - Run import from CP
      - Import entry dates & assign status
1.1 - Bug fixes, added option to join tables





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2 Reviews:

Yuri Salimovskiy 12.30.14

Yuri Salimovskiy
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Import works just fine on EE 2.9.2

Akwadnet 07.05.14

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Great add-on,
bad documentation
bad support some of the issues with no reply.
they are not replying emails too :(
no 2.8.+ support,
no progress import bar.
no good memory handler :(
-downgraded EE version to make it works.
-add 10GB of ram to make it works with big import