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Crumbly is the most powerful, most flexible ExpressionEngine breadcrumb manager on the market. Use it to add custom breadcrumbs to your website in minutes.

In short: it’s great and a nice take on managing breadcrumbs with ExpressionEngine. Ryan Irelan, EE Insider

Super simple

If you use standard ExpressionEngine template_group/template/entry URLs, just add the Crumbly tag to your templates, and you’re done.

The same goes for ExpressionEngine categories (category names or IDs), and even Pages URLs. Crumbly is smart enough to recognise and handle them, straight out the box.

What used to require lots of messy ExpressionEngine conditionals, and multiple section-specific includes, now takes minutes.

Endlessly configurable

But what if you’re removing the template from the URL, or appending additional segments?

Not a problem.

Crumbly lets you specify custom URL patterns, which it uses to parse the page breadcrumbs. Want to omit a particular segment? Easy. How about ignoring all trailing segments? Piece of cake.

{exp:crumbly:breadcrumbs custom_url:pattern='template_group/entry/glossary/ignore/entry'}

You name it

Crumbly’s settings screen makes it easy to assign custom labels to template groups and templates. You can even create your own glossary, for use with custom URL segments.

Now you can transform that boring old hotels template group into the considerably more exciting “Transient Accommodation Unit” breadcrumb. Much better.

Effortless integration

Crumbly’s template tag is super-easy to use. Just add it to your template, and you have instant, easy access to the target URL, segment, and label for every step along your breadcrumb path. Hansel and Gretel never had tools like this.

    {if count < total_results}<a href="{breadcrumb_url}">{/if}
    {if count < total_results}</a>{/if}

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EE Support Downloads Add-On Version Release Date
Not Specified Download 1.2.1 Apr 19, 2012

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2 Reviews:

Mark @ Encrypt Designs 03.29.14

Mark @ Encrypt Designs
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Wowzahs! Incredibly simple and easy to use! Lots of options to output the code you need too!

Jim Hull 05.26.12

Jim Hull
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Seriously, this can’t be real. Struggled FOREVER with other breadcrumb add-ons and I mean hours…installed Crumbly and I’m done in 7 minutes. $45 may seem like too much. It’s not.