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Countree is a fieldtype that helps ease the pain when dealing with countries in ExpressionEngine 2 by providing numerous display options and tags.



  1. Copy the “/system/expressionengine/third_party/countree” into your third_party addons folder.
  2. Copy the “/themes/third_party/countree” into your third_party themes folder.
  3. Navigate to the Add-Ons => Fieldtypes page in the Control Panel and click the “Install” link.
  1. Once you’ve installed the fieldtype, you can click the “Countree” link on the Fieldtypes page to create and manage “country groups”.
  2. When you add the fieldtype in your channel, you can then “quick choose” any pre-selected group.
  3. You can choose groups or individual countries to show or exclude in your country selection dropdown. Note: If you choose any to “include” then the exclude settings won’t be observed.
Template Tags
  • mode=“upper”
  • mode=“lower”
  • mode=“upper_first”
  • mode=“upper_words”
  • mode=“lower_first”
channel:entries Tags

{your_countree_field:name}               // The name of the selected country
{your_countree_field:country}            // The name of the selected country
{tutorial_country:capital}               // The capital of the selected country
{your_countree_field:iso3}               // The Alpha 3 code of the selected country
{your_countree_field:iso}                // The Alpha 2 code of the selected country
{your_countree_field:iso_numeric}        // The Numeric code of the selected country
{your_countree_field:fips}               // The Federal Information Processing Standard code
{your_countree_field:continent_short}    // The short name for the continent of the selected country
{your_countree_field:continent}          // The full name for the continent of the selected country
{your_countree_field:tld}                // Top Level Domain
{your_countree_field:currency_code}      // The currency code for the selected country
{your_countree_field:currency_name}      // The currency name for the selected country
{your_countree_field:phone}              // The telephone code for the selected country
{your_countree_field:postal_code_format} // The postal code format for the selected country
{your_countree_field:postal_code_regex}  // The postal code regular expression for the selected country
{your_countree_field:languages}          // The language codes for the selected country (comma seperated)
{your_countree_field:geo_name_id}        // The GeoNameId for the selected country

channel:entries with Countree inside Matrix field




low_variables Tags

{lv_my_country mode="iso"}

low_variables Parse

{exp:low_variables:parse var="lv_country" mode="iso" case="lower"}

low_variables Matrix

{exp:low_variables:pair var="my_matrix"}
{country:name case="upper"}



{exp:countree:dropdown selected="IE"}


Use the same field names as the fieldtype

{exp:countree:single iso="IE"}
{country} - Top Level Domain: {tld}, Capital {capital}.


{exp:countree:pair sort="desc|asc" exclude|include="your_custom_group_short_name|eu|europe|africa|asia|south-america|north-america|oceania|antarctic"}
{country} - Top Level Domain: {tld}

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3 Reviews:

Alexander 04.19.14

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

People complaining about “no download link” are probably not aware that this is a paid plug-in. You can download it right after you complete the payment. The plugin works like a charm! Well worth the $ 8 and would definitely recommend it.

Goodmixer 11.13.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Would also like to download this one :(

Andy Marshall 11.13.12

Andy Marshall
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Looks awesome, but no download link :(