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Throw out the dozen text manipulation add-ons you try to maintain for every build. There's a better way! CE String is a feature-packed text manipulation tool that will allow you to template your sites smarter and faster. The syntax is revolutionary, and there are over 60 (well documented) method options to help you code with power and efficiency.

Here are some of the great things that CE String has to offer:

  • The syntax is awesome. You can do much more with your code, while coding way less.
  • You can chain methods together, and they can be used multiple times, in the order you specify… So no more having to download a digital truckload of plugins for each build and nesting them inside each other to format your text the way you want it! (We’ve all been there. Often.)
  • It is comprehensive. There are currently over thirty custom methods, and an additional thirty-something native methods that allow you to easily interface with native PHP functions.
  • The PHP method is liberating; more efficient and flexible than the native input/output PHP parsing jazz. Unlike the first-party solution, your PHP-rendered content will actually show up in your template where your tag was. Now you can add PHP when and where you want it. ;)
  • …and so much more. Again, there are more than 60 chainable methods. You can do all sorts of things, from using Markdown and Textile, to sanitizing your text, and a whole lot in between!


To get a feel for the syntax, let’s look at the following example:

"{exp:ce_str:ing php markdown trim}
[Example](http://example.com) is **<?php echo 'great' ?>**       {/exp:ce_str:ing}"

CE String takes the methods you give it, and chains them together. So in this example, the following methods are run:
- php (runs PHP code)
- markdown (converts Markdown to HTML)
- trim (removes whitespace from both sides of the text)

Which results in the following:

"<p><a href="http://example.com">Example</a> is <strong>great</strong></p>"

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14 Reviews:

stefanos 09.22.17

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

A very powerful text manipulation.

As the syntax is awesome CE String is the Army Knife to play with text.

Greet documentation and support. So powerful that you can handle numeric calculation of variables (Stash, Low Variables…..) easily, avoiding query using.

Wonderful and powerful Add-on!

marijan 01.12.16

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Addon is ok and works great, but I bought addon and few days after http://www.causingeffect.com is not available, documentation is not available.
This is really stupid bad for customers.
I need to have some documentation for addon I have payed for, I need to have some support.

patpohler 04.30.14

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Excellent add-on, really saved our bacon on some tricky string manipulation and the Query module.

Far* 04.09.14

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Excellent,  easy to setup and does so much.  It helped to resolve RSS Feed validation errors with HTML characters appearing such as & quickly and easily using.  E>g. {exp:ce_str:ing htmlspecialchars_decode=”:CONST:ENT_COMPAT”}{title}{/exp:ce_str:ing}

Jeff Pullinger 10.20.13

Jeff Pullinger
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

The number of times I bang my head against a new issue with a build and the answer is found in CE String is countless.
Love it. Like a swiss-army knife for EECMS. thanks Aaron.
It’s quick and powerful.

CPOWeb 03.19.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

He’s only gone and done it again.  Truely awesome.  This has fixed an issue for us at first attempt.

JCDerrick 01.18.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Aaron has done it again, he’s created another add-on I simply cannot develop without. This replaced several smaller plugins on my websites and can do incredible things. It’s definitely worth the investment!

kubik101 10.07.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Great plugin. Has enabled me to fine tune a lot of my templating and I am sure there are more uses I have not discovered yet. When ever I have had a query Aaron has always been quick and happy to respond/help. Simply get it..!!

Andre Van Kets 05.18.12

Andre Van Kets
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Yet another great plugin from Causing Effect. Sweet stuff. Worked well in conjunction with MX Jumper to remove almost all PHP from our templates.

Adrienne Travis 05.04.12

Adrienne Travis
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Replaced about ten plugins on my last project—string replacement, truncation, email obfuscation, etc. Does a zillion things and does them well!

JmanPro 02.08.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Just like others have experienced, this plugin has replaced multiple plugins. The chaining is truly great, and the PHP method is excellent. Do yourself a favor and pick this plugin up, the price is incredibly misleading, and you’ll wonder why it doesn’t cost a whole lot more!

Kinetik Media 01.12.12

Kinetik Media
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Fantastic plugin that is feature rich!  This plugin literally does the equivalent of 4 plugins in one.  The developer Aaron is top notch with support and is super responsive.

Blend IMC 11.28.11

Blend IMC
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Pure Brilliance! Thank you for an amazing plugin that just works. I love the chain-ability and the custom methods you wrote that fit exactly the problems I need fixing.

AndrewMac 11.26.11

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Another really useful add-on from Causing Effect. Very comprehensive set of functions that has already replaced three other plug-ins.