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  • jQuery for the Control Panel

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CE Cache was chosen in April 2012.

CE Cache allows you to store and retrieve parts of your templates (fragment caching via file-based caching, database, APC, Redis, Memcache or Memcached) or full-page static caching. Since much of the heavy lifting doesn't have to be run on every page-load, your performance increases can be astonishing. With fragment caching, you can also escape any parts of your cached code, so they remain dynamic (like logged_in conditionals for example). This enables you to enjoy the speed increases without sacrificing usability or functionality where you need it.

CE Cache is the premier caching add-on for ExpressionEngine. It performs both static page caching and partial (fragment) caching. Here are some of the great things that CE Cache has to offer:

  • Speed. CE Cache is fast, and generally results in much faster page loads.
  • Flexibility. You can cache dynamic items globally (accessible by id from anywhere in your site), or non-globally (accessible by id per page). Additionally, you can cache entire pages using the static driver. You can also specify the cache times down to the second.
  • Options. You can easily choose to use file-based, database, APC, APCu, SQLite, Redis, Memcache, or Memcached partial (fragment) caching, or full-page (static) caching. You can choose which type of caching (driver) you would like to use on a global, site-wide, and/or tag basis. Multiple drivers can be picked for fragment caching, so if a method-call fails for whatever reason, it can fallback to the next driver down the line and try again until it succeeds.
  • Plays well with others. CE Cache can work alongside the native EE caching. They can even be used in the same template together. Although, when using CE Cache, there really is no need to use any other caching (native or add-ons).
  • Partial Caching. If you want to cache a huge chunk of content except for a few parts, you can easily escape that content so that it will remain dynamic.
  • Cache Breaking. You can now specify individual item’s ids, items tagged with a certain word, or even items within a path to be deleted (and optionally refreshed again) when an entry from 1 or more channels is updated.
  • Cache Refreshing. Non-global (local) and static items can optionally be refreshed after they are deleted, saving you from having to go back to the deleted URL(s) to manually refresh the respective page(s). You can also specify a delay from 0 to 5 seconds to remove and refresh each item, which spares your server the load of trying to recreate all the items at once.
  • Convenience. There is an easy-to-use Control Panel UI for managing your cached content. Your cached items are organized into an intuitive hierarchy, and you can quickly find, view, and delete them for each of the supported drivers on an individual, path, site-wide, or driver-wide level.

Usage Example

{exp:ce_cache:it for="1 day"}
    [...template content to cache goes here…]


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Hooks Used

If the add-on is an extension, and ties into ExpressionEngine's core files, it will use ExpressionEngine hooks. We are listing any hooks the add-on uses for developers to have an easier time locating other add-ons that they can reference for their own work.

  1. entry_submission_end
  2. update_multi_entries_loop
  3. template_fetch_template
  4. delete_entries_start
  5. insert_comment_end

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37 Reviews:

Loughlin 08.08.17

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

WOW!  this is a really really versatile module.  this gave my site the extra push to get it into the 90s range with Google’s Page Speed ranking and Yslow reporting a B where my server speed was causing at best a low D.  Some excellent tags available also for entire static caching or selective. A++++

ometiclan 10.27.14

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

EE2 isn’t the fastest CMS there is, but with CE Cache and Memcached we went from ~400 queries and 1.37s loadtime to ~40queries and 0.37 loadtime. WORTH EVERY PENNY.

bikefight 10.15.14

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

My oh my. Used CE Cache on an ecommerce site and I got the response time down from ~ 900ms to ~40ms. Yes.
Did this include static caching (and therefore some clever cache breaking rules and custom Javascript) but the site is BLAZING FAST. It’s awesome!

lehrerfreund 04.30.14

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Uff. I had very much optimized my site with the native caching-mechanisms. I was not sure if CE Cache would add more boost, because I also used caching as files. And my Lord - it BOOSTS. Easy handling, lightning speeds, full control over dynamic content. This is THE solution.

o4 07.04.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Partial caching at it’s best! Simple and very effective! I am impressed! Thanks!

Jules6120 04.30.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Simply brilliant. I won’t build another EE site without this. Stupid simple and an incredible improvement in speed of the site we applied this to.

Christopher Kennedy 03.21.13

Christopher Kennedy
Rating - {addon_rating_average}


So at first this addon is amazing, right? The ability to cache the entire channel:entries tag and add the url_title inside takes my 122 query cached page down to an even smaller 43.


CPOWeb 03.19.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Outstanding!  We have no need to render dynamic content on our site but do of course need to be able to content manage it.  This plugin allows us to generate an entirely static set of HTML files.  Our production server will breathe a sigh of relief.

ConnSCU 03.14.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

I made my site as fast as I could, but ce cache took it to a whole new level!!  That plus unbelievably helpful and responsive support ensures this will be on every EE site we create!

Gummibear Lab 02.26.13

Gummibear Lab
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

An incredible tool to speed up your site. In my case from 7 seconds to 0.4.

JCDerrick 01.18.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

This is one of the best caching tools available for EE2, if not THE best tool for the job. The CE add-ons are all incredible, and I can’t build a site without them any longer. But this one takes performance to an entirely new level, and it’s so easy to use and maintain. Excellent add-on.

padstow 01.10.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Cut some huge page load times in at least half - BEAUTIFUL module, thank you thank you thank you!

noregt 12.08.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

This is one of those add ons that you don’t realize the power of until you need it. Saved me 80% loading time! Support was superb, as usual.

ITU Webmaster 09.21.12

ITU Webmaster
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Simply awesome, well supported and actively developed. Blows the competition of other caching addons away.

sm9 08.29.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Absolutely fantastic! The best and most feature-rich caching add-on for EE that I’ve used. The static driver is lightening fast for when you need brute-force caching (bypasses EE so no template parser bottleneck), whilst the other drivers allow you to balance performance with dynamic functionality.

AdamG 08.15.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

I’m very impressed by CE Cache. It does what it says, and does it very very effectively, well documented, well thought-out, very thorough. A great product!

Bransin 08.14.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Superb support. The documentation is well written and a must read to utilize the true power of this addon. Amazing results.

RealJustinLong 07.21.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

If you have not purchased CE Cache yet you and your clients are missing out.

Go Buy it Now then come back and read the rest of the reviews, you will not be disappointed.

Aaron provides top notch support and CE Cache just works and it works really well.

Adam Khan 06.18.12

Adam Khan
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Another ball out the park by Causing Effect.

Andre Van Kets 05.18.12

Andre Van Kets
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Aaron Waldon’s CE Cache which has been nothing short of a revelation for our site’s performance. Great support from Aaron too.

A must for anyone who wants granular control of elements on their pages, combined with a super caching mechanism.

Philip 05.02.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

True Story:
- Client site got featured on Gizmodo
- Average template was running ~60 queries
- Site went down

- Added CE Cache
- Average template query count dropped to 11
- Site back online
- Client happy

Moral of the story:
CE Cache is amazing, buy it now.

travisb 04.11.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

CE Cache is the most ‘must-have’ add-on I’ve used so far. Great results, and great support!

AndrewMac 04.04.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Simply brilliant! Another winner from Aaron at Causing Effect. A really powerful and flexible way to speed up your pages. The support as well is second to none, and Aaron takes a real interest in making sure that his customers really do get a product they can rely on.

ejaeDesign 03.29.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

There are times when other caching methods simply aren’t applicable or not powerful enough.

CE Cache to the rescue—very easy to configure, but flexible to match whatever setup you have.

Along with Template Morsels, it’s a “must have” to greatly improve site performance. Highly recommended!

VosSavant 03.24.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

This plugin is absurdly good. Using the Firebug console I saw load times drop by up to 70%. The caching alone is good, but the CP interface lets you view any of your cached pages. Easy to use, and the best way to boost performance I’ve yet come across.

jamcow 03.21.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

First off, I’ve been using Static Page Cache with MSM (or trying to), queueing pages via cron to refresh and having a cached site, but a non-cached home page. I installed CE Cache and added one set of tags and… it just works. Perfectly.

Seamus Holman (Gridwork) 02.29.12

Seamus Holman (Gridwork)
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

This is an incredible add-on. As close to pixie dust as you can get for fixing performance problems.

Forgiving your worst programming sins, CE Cache is a humble monk, sipping tea beside a river, telling you to let go, it’s all gonna be ok.

tyaskp 02.28.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

agree with everyone here. this is the best caching solution for all site. Really have no idea how to change my more than 10 second execution time to below 1 second. fantastic.

Thanks for making my site much more faster than before, ready to sell more and more.

Luke Hardiman 02.17.12

Luke Hardiman
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

The best caching solution I’ve used by about a million percent. I sh1t you not. I have tried everything and this is the nearest thing to a magic bullet.

Takes some time and a few braincells to implement, but your site will fly like an eagle in outer space.

Ryan Masuga 02.14.12

Ryan Masuga
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

We started using this on devot:ee after having used it on a number of client sites. We’ve seen fantastic speed improvements, and the cache breaking is very flexible. With a top notch developer in Aaron, you can’t lose with this one.

Fabio Marchi 01.27.12

Fabio Marchi
Rating - {addon_rating_average}

If you use a intense-traffic website, dont think twice! Portals, newspapers, magazines - this addon can speed up your site with a smart cache. And just because is a addon from Causing Effect, you can buy with closed eyes, because you have quality, updates and suport warranties. Two thumbs up!

Natetronn 01.20.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

This is a great add-on with some great features! Seriously though, who needs support when you’ve got all the great docs and videos to boot. Causing Effect has knocked it out of the park, again!

Tyssen 01.15.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Great results and outstanding support for this add-on.

JmanPro 12.18.11

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Incredible addon, as are their others. Aaron is incredibly responsive to support requests, and receptive to new feature ideas/needs. My homepage went from 150+ queries and 1.2 second page loads to 27 queries and .07 second page loads. I won’t build another site without it!

pvledoux 12.08.11

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

So great to be able to use Memcache! No more I/O waiting time to load the cache.
CE Cache helped us to reduce from 2sec to 0.3sec the loading time of one of our website homepage. Well done!

mashema 12.07.11

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

CE Cache is the best caching add-on for EE

I use CE Cache and Varnish. a very good solution

Hambo 11.24.11

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

The performance benefits of this add-on are amazing. With flexible caching options we brought a 500 query template down to 35 queries.