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  • ExpressionEngine 1.x
  • ExpressionEngine 2


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  • Updater
  • Multi Site Manager
  • Stand Alone Entry Form
  • Low Variables
  • Content Elements
  • Better Workflow
  • Matrix
  • Grid
  • Webservice
  • Publisher


  • jQuery for the Control Panel

Add-On Type(s)



This plugin allows you to output categories which belong to a certain category group without iterating tagdata.


1) group_id - Required. Allows you to specify ID number of category group
(the ID number of each category group is displayed in the Control Panel).
Also you can use category group name as specified in Control Panel.

2) site - Optional. Default value is “1”.

3) invalid_input - Optional. Accepts two values: “alert” and “silence”.
Default value is “silence”. If the value is “alert”, then in cases when some
parameter’s value is invalid plugin exits and PHP alert is being shown;
if the value is “silence”, then in cases when some parameter’s value
is invalid plugin finishes its work without any alert being shown.
Set this parameter to “alert” for development, and to “silence” - for deployment.


1) {cat_group_categories_number} - outtputs number of categories the entry was posted into.

2) {cat_group_category_levels_number} - outputs number of levels of categories hierarchy.

The plugin supports huge number of variables of the types outlined below:

3) {cat_group_level0_category0_cat_id}, {cat_group_level0_category1_cat_id}, {cat_group_level0_category2_cat_id} ...
{cat_group_level1_category0_cat_id}, {cat_group_level1_category1_cat_id}, {cat_group_level1_category2_cat_id} ...

4) {cat_group_level0_category0_cat_name}, {cat_group_level0_category1_cat_name}, {cat_group_level0_category2_cat_name} ...
{cat_group_level1_category0_cat_name}, {cat_group_level1_category1_cat_name}, {cat_group_level1_category2_cat_name} ...

5) {cat_group_level0_category0_cat_url_title}, {cat_group_level0_category1_cat_url_title}, {cat_group_level0_category2_cat_url_title} ...
{cat_group_level1_category0_cat_url_title}, {cat_group_level1_category1_cat_url_title}, {cat_group_level1_category2_cat_url_title} ...

6) {cat_group_level0_category0_parent_id}, {cat_group_level0_category1_parent_id}, {cat_group_level0_category2_parent_id} ...
{cat_group_level1_category0_parent_id}, {cat_group_level1_category1_parent_id}, {cat_group_level1_category2_parent_id} ...

7) {cat_group_level0_category0_group_id}, {cat_group_level0_category1_group_id}, {cat_group_level0_category2_group_id} ...
{cat_group_level1_category0_group_id}, {cat_group_level1_category1_group_id}, {cat_group_level1_category2_group_id} ...

8) {cat_group_level0_category0_cat_description}, {cat_group_level0_category1_cat_description}, {cat_group_level0_category2_cat_description} ...
{cat_group_level1_category0_cat_description}, {cat_group_level1_category1_cat_description}, {cat_group_level1_category2_cat_description} ...

9) {cat_group_level0_category0_cat_image}, {cat_group_level0_category1_cat_image}, {cat_group_level0_category2_cat_image} ...
{cat_group_level1_category0_cat_image}, {cat_group_level1_category1_cat_image}, {cat_group_level1_category2_cat_image} ...

10) {cat_group_level0_category0_subcats_number}, {cat_group_level0_category1_subcats_number}, {cat_group_level0_category2_subcats_number} ...
{cat_group_level1_category0_subcats_number}, {cat_group_level1_category1_subcats_number}, {cat_group_level1_category2_subcats_number} ...

11) {cat_group_level0_category0_entries_number}, {cat_group_level0_category1_entries_number}, {cat_group_level0_category2_entries_number} ...
{cat_group_level1_category0_entries_number}, {cat_group_level1_category1_entries_number}, {cat_group_level1_category2_entries_number} ...

Conditionals are supported for all variables.


{exp:cat_group group="my_category_group" site="1"}

{cat_group_level1_category0_cat_name}, {cat_group_level1_category0_entries_number}
{cat_group_level1_category1_cat_name}, {cat_group_level1_category1_entries_number}
{cat_group_level1_category2_cat_name}, {cat_group_level1_category2_entries_number}

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