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Release Date: Jan 31, 2013

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  • ExpressionEngine 2


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A CartThrob shipping plugin for the Australia Post shipping calculator.

Installation & Configuration

System requirements

Tested with:

  • EE2.4.0
  • CartThrob 2.2.6


  1. Place the file Cartthrob_shipping_post_rate.php in your third_party/cartthrob/third_party/shipping_plugins folder.
  3. Place the file cartthrob_shipping_post_rate_lang.php in your cartthrob/third_party/language/english folder.

Configuring within CartThrob

  1. Login to EE and go to Admin->Channel Administration->Channel Fields.
  2. Navigate to your CartThrob products channel. Click on Create a New Channel Field and create the fields Height, Length and Width. The field’s short name can be whatever you like: this is configured in the shipping settings area. Please note that all dimensions are calculated as millimetres.
  3. Now go to the CartThrob settings page and click the Shipping tab.
  4. From the Choose a shipping plugin setting, select By Australia Post Rate.
  5. Enter the Width Field Name, Height Field Name and Length Field Name into the corresponding boxes.
  6. Enter your Origin Postcode and choose a Service Type.
  7. You may have default values substituted in where product dimensions are blank as well as the initial postcode to use for calculation. If any of the variables are blank the calculator will return an error. To use default values:
    1. Select Yes for the Use default values? option.
    2. Enter your Default Width.
    3. Enter your Default Height.
    4. Enter your Default Length.
    5. Enter your Default Destination Postcode.
  8. In the event that postage cannot be calculated you may specify a shipping price to substitute the error. If this field is left blank the shipping price will be $0.00.
  9. Click submit. Your settings for the plugin will be saved.
  10. Your shipping rate should now be ready for use as the primary shipping plugin.

Letting Customers Choose the Service Type

  1. Add a select option named service_type to any Cartthrob form that supports custom fields. A simple example would be:
    <select name="custom_data[service_type]">
    <option value="Standard">Standard shipping</option>
    <option value="Express">Express shipping</option>
  2. A more complete example that uses jQuery to filter the service types between Australian and international customer.
  3. The shipping plugin should now detect the user’s selected option and use that to calculate the shipping charge(s).
  4. Create a Service Type field in the orders channel if you wish to store the customer’s chosen type.

    1. In your checkout_form include a field linking it to the service_type session variable. E.g.:
      <input type="hidden" name="order_service_type" value="{custom_data:service_type}">
    2. It should then store the value in the orders channel as normal.

Dynamic Postcodes Based on Product Authors

  1. Create your custom postcode field in your users/members channel. Ensure it is correctly linked up to Cartthrob and Profile:Edit.
  2. Under Cartthrob -> Settings -> Shipping change the Origin Postcode to match your field (e.g. {postcode}).
  3. The plugin will then match the submitted short_name field and substitute itself with the postcode of the author for each individual product. If a postcode cannot be found it will assume a value of 2000 (Sydney).

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