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This Plugin allows you to access Global post variable within a EE Template. here is the Example usage. {exp:Post_value:get_posted_value name="{name}"}

This Plugin allows you to access POST data. Posted values can be accessed with the fieldnames on action template without writing any PHP code on template.
Success/Error messages, thank you pages,  confirmation pages, single and multistep forms can be easily handled using this addon.
Sample usage:
{field_name1}, {field_name2}, ...
{array_type_field_name} {value} {/array_type_field_name}

1. {field_name} = Field name to access it’s posted value.
2. {array_type_field_name} = this tag is used for checkboxes and multiselect dropdown, this field requires closing tag and posted values will be return by {value}.
<input type=”checkbox” name=”vehicle[]” value=”car”>Car
<input type=”checkbox” name=”vehicle[]” value=”bike”>Bike

Posted values of this checkbox can be access on access on action template using fillowing tags.
{vehicle} {value}
tag will return :
This plugin has been upgraded for EE 3.0 version now.

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