devot:ee's 2012 AcademEE Award Candidates

Here is the list of the AcademEE Award candidates by category for 2012.

    Accessory of the Year

  • by Blue State Digital

    This Control Panel accessory adds the ability to filter channels in the publish menu. More info »
  • by Masuga Design

    The devot:ee add-on keeps you up-to-date on what add-ons are out-of-date on your ExpressionEngine sites. More info »
  • by Chad Crowell

    Add a Structure tab to the CP Main Menu in the first position (to the right of the home icon) for members who have permission to access the Structure module. More info »
  • by Chad Crowell

    Now its not just a hit song from the Black Eyed Peas, Where is the LV? allows you to place a Low Variables link in the Structure main page so it is easier to access. More info »
  • by Punch Buggy

    Provides users with a small form to search channels for a specific entry_id. Limits choice of channels and results based on their channel privileges. More info »
  • by Trevor Davis

    Display which environment you are on at all times in the CP so you don't accidentally do something bad on the production environment. More info »
  • by Nuno Albuquerque

    This accessory allows renaming of tabs in publish entry screens. More info »
  • by PutYourLightsOn

    Responsive CP is a custom ExpressionEngine theme that makes your control panel work better with mobile devices as well as look more professional. It also allows you to easily add your logo to the bottom of the control panel (good for branding client sites). More info »
  • by Anthony W. Rainer

    The same as ThEEditor (, but uses CodeMirror which is faster and more supported. More info »
  • by Laisvunas

    True Preview allows you to preview the entry being edited inside Preview tab on Edit/Publish form or by clicking Preview link above Edit/Publish form. This add-on also cancels default lame View Entry page, so that after clicking Submit button Edit/Publish form will be displayed again. More info »

  • Extension of the Year

  • by Brian Litzinger

    This extension was created to replace the native pagination links e.g. /template-group/template/P1, with something... more usable. More info »
  • by Causing Effect

    CE Lossless is an extension to the CE Image add-on for ExpressionEngine that losslessly compresses images. More info »
  • by AutumnDev

    This extension adds the Ctrl+S shortcut to every Control Panel Page. Hitting the Ctrl+S key combo does exactly what most applications do - saves! In this case is actually hits the update/save button - saving you time. More info »
  • by mithra62

    Adds an unobtrusive interface for debugging output on an ExpressionEngine 2.0 site. Replaces default Profiler and Template Debugger provided with ExpressionEngine. More info »
  • by EpicVoyage

    Easily configure how your SSL certificate is used in combination with EE. Supports HSTS. More info »
  • by Yuri Salimovskiy

    This extensions redirects ExpressionEngine user to specific page ("welcome page") after he clicks link in registration confirmation email (and also optionally performs login). More info »
  • by Matt Fordham

    A quick navigation launcher for ExpressionEngine, kinda like Quicksilver/LaunchBar/Alfred More info »
  • by Viget Labs

    Have you ever had a channel in an ExpressionEngine installation that required its own set of custom fields, but only needed one entry? Perhaps a homepage or an "About Us" section that needed its own custom content but wasn't a traditional list of posts? Single Entry can help. With a few simple settings, your control panel can be set up to easily create and edit these posts without the risk of adding new and unnecessary entries to these channels. More info »
  • by PutYourLightsOn

    Snaptcha is an invisible captcha and will be the last time you will ever have to think about protecting your forms from spam bots. More info »
  • by Brian Litzinger

    URL Helper is the combination of a couple of popular plugins/extensions, plus some extra goodness thrown in for good measure. It parses the URL and creates a slew of global variables to use in your templates. More info »

  • Fieldtype of the Year

  • by Utilitarienne

    This fieldtype allows you to create grouped blocks of data. It's great for addresses, biographical information, and anything else that needs to be a group of separate-but-associated fields. You can also style an invididual instance of the fieldtype on the Publish screen, for more versatility. More info »
  • by KREA

    Content Elements is a fieldtype for ExpressionEngine that will give your clients and editors a freedom to create content structure directly on the publish page. More info »
  • by DevDemon

    Welcome to the world's most Beautiful and easy-to-use WYSIWYG html editor. DevDemon's Editor for ExpressionEngine uses Redactor to deliver a clean, light and overall amazing experience to all of your text fields. Editor works as a WYSIWYG for default fields, matrix fields, Low Variables and category descriptions. Upload Images and Files to your content with jQuery ease. More info »
  • by mithra62

    Flag Master makes it easy to hand content moderation of an ExpressionEngine site off to the users. With Flag Master you can create unlimited Profiles with custom options to allow site users the ability to mark, or "Flag", certain content based on your specific needs and custom criteria. More info »
  • by No Two The Same

    Geocode look up of Latitude and Longitude using Googles Geocode service for the CP. The fieldtype has 3 fields: one is editable for the address and the other two show the returned co-ordinates. All three fields or the combined co-ordinate is available. There's also a little map preview of the returned co-ordinates so the user can check if Google has found the right place! More info »
  • by Isaac Raway

    Illuminated is a content editing fieldtype for people who speak HTML. More info »
  • by Jeremy Worboys

    The popular Nivo Image slider, is now an EE fieldtype! More info »
  • by Lodewijk Schutte

    Do you need to display events on your site? And do you like to keep things simple? Then Low Events is the add-on you want. More info »
  • by Max Lazar

    This add-on makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly with Chosen plugin. It is also opens the option to the user to add new items into the list "on the fly". You can setup to save new options on field level (to be available for choosing in all entrees) or just once. Support Matrix-like fields, Low Variables, SafeCracker. And you can also populate list with custom SQL queries. More info »
  • by Jack McDade

    Redactor, the wonderfully simple and lightweight WYSIWYG editor is now lives as an EE Fieldtype, under the secret identity known as "Redactee". Use it as a Channel Field, Matrix Field, a Low Variable Field... even in Safecracker. Simple to use, feature-rich, and smooth as butter. Supports image browsing and image / file uploads, Assets subfolders and even Amazon S3 uploads. More info »
  • by Matt Fordham

    An ExpressionEngine fieldtype for Redactor, a "Fantastic WYSIWYG-editor on jQuery". See for more info on the jQuery plug-in. More info »
  • by Eli Van Zoeren

    An Expression Engine fieldtype that allows for regular expression validation of text inputs. An optional tooltip can be displayed when input does not match the pattern. More info »

  • Module of the Year

  • by Objective HTML

    Authenticate brings proper member authentication into ExpressionEngine with inline error handling, removes the ugly redirect screens, and supports logins using an -mail address opposed to a username. Authenticate supports forgot password forms too. More info »
  • by Causing Effect (Aaron Waldon)

    CE Cache allows you to store and retrieve parts of your templates (fragment caching via file-based caching, database, APC, Redis, Memcache or Memcached) or full-page static caching. Since much of the heavy lifting doesn't have to be run on every page-load, your performance increases can be astonishing. With fragment caching, you can also escape any parts of your cached code, so they remain dynamic (like logged_in conditionals for example). This enables you to enjoy the speed increases without sacrificing usability or functionality where you need it. More info »
  • by Mike Hughes

    Are you tired of managing your redirects with a clunky .htaccess file? Do you want to have Control Panel access to set up and manage redirects? Detour Pro (upgrade from the Detour extension) is here with new exciting features including 301 and 302 redirects, wildcards, start dates, expiration dates and more. More info »
  • by ExpressionEngine DFW

    This add-on returns a user's geolocation information via the GeoPlugin service. More info »
  • by Chris Newton

    Breathe new life into EE's channel fields editor! Adding & editing fields won't be a chore anymore. Field Editor adds powerful features to EE's standard field editor interface. Rather than laboriously clicking and editing each and every channel field or clicking and clicking and clicking to add new fields to a channel, you can now add, delete, re-order and manipulate your custom fields all in one simple interface. More info »
  • by DevDemon

    Forms are finally simple and powerful in ExpressionEngine. Delivering like no other module seen before in ExpressionEngine we make the job of creating forms simple for you and your content admin. Previously forms were a hassle in ExpressionEngine, tucked deeply within the modules system, they were cumbersome and extremely difficult for a non-developer to use. These days are over, Forms is about to set you free! More info »
  • by Rein de Vries

    Always have trouble with the intergration of Google Maps on your site? Always struggling to get it work? Well, those days are gone with the Google Maps (Gmaps) plugin for ExpressionEngine. You can now easily create Maps, markers, polygon, routes and more! It support all major functionality of the Google Maps API and more will come. More info »
  • by Masuga Design

    Link Vault allows you to protect your local and remote download links, track all downloads, track and block leech attempts and disguise any other link URLs you'd like to protect. You can run download reports from the control panel. There are also hooks available so you can extend Link Vault's functionality. Use in combination with Link Vault Zipper extension to zip multiple files on the fly. More info »
  • by Percipio

    Create PDF's quickly and easily using the PDFcrowd API. You can now simply export your HTML direct to PDF - great for printing invoices / receipts / case studies etc. PDFcrowd now works on member only / logged_in pages. More info »
  • by John Morton

    Pic Puller is an ExpressionEngine module that integrates Instagram into your ExpressionEngine site, version 2.3.1+ with PHP 5.2+. It walks through setting up an account with Instagram, creating an app, and integrating it into your EE site. You can pull any number of users photos, any user's liked photos, photos by tag, and more. Includes Instagram fieldtype for image browsing from within the control panel. Compatible with MSM. More info »
  • by Objective HTML

    Postmaster is the definitive solution for emailing channel entry data within ExpressionEngine. Easily create beautiful email templates using the live preview, and impose extremely fine levels of control to send emails exactly when you want. More info »
  • by Isaac Raway

    ProForm is the first and most powerful drag and drop form manager for ExpressionEngine 2.0. It's designed to make creation and management of contact forms and other types of public forms easier for developers, content editors, and visitors - everyone who needs to interact with forms in any way. With ProForm, one line of template code can render simple contact forms, or complex multistep forms all created easily through its drag and drop form builder UI. ProForm also gives you precise control over your forms' markup through a full template pair - rendering a form is as easy as rendering your site's content - just the way it should be in ExpressionEngine. More info »
  • by Brian Litzinger

    Publisher is the only multilingual and workflow module for ExpressionEngine. More info »
  • by Shine Marketing

    Generates PDFs on-the-fly from ExpressionEngine templates. More info »
  • by Yuri Salimovskiy

    The editor for snippets and global variables that you've been waiting for - with revisions saved and code highlighted! More info »
  • by DevDemon

    Updater makes updating ExpressionEngine and compatibile Add-Ons easier then ever. Sick of uploading all your files, backing things up, moving files around and wasting hours of your life away? Updater is here to give you hours of your life back. Simply install Updater into ExpressionEngine modules and with a few simple clicks you will have ExpressionEngine up to date. More info »
  • by Eli Van Zoeren

    VZ Average is a flexible and minimal framework for rating or tallying anything in EE that you can identify with an ID: a channel entry, a comment, a Matrix row, or anything else. A few possible uses for it include: star ratings, thumbs up/down ratings, flagging comments as offensive, voting on entries, etc. More info »

  • Plugin of the Year

  • by Blue State Digital

    SocialEEsta adds social sharing buttons to your ExpressionEngine pages with no fuss. More info »
  • by Causing Effect

    CE Tweet enables you to display and consume Twitter in your ExpressionEngine templates More info »
  • by koivi

    This plugin recurses a directory on the file system and displays the contents as a link tree. More info »
  • by Rein de Vries

    This little plugin will add JavaScript validation to exisiting forms. No more hacking in the JS files, just one plugin which will handle all the stuff for you. It is compatible with all kind of forms, even with the form module from DevDemon. More info »
  • by Percipio

    Perfect for eCommerce environments selling items globally, this plugin allows you to instantly convert numeric values to alternate currencies, with parameters to round results to specific decimal places. More info »
  • by Natetronn

    Placeholder allows you to easily add placeholder images to your site. More info »
  • by Jeremy Worboys

    Simple MailChimp is a simple way to display a MailChimp sign-up form on your website. More info »
  • by Electric Putty

    Thumber generates image thumbnails from your PDFs. You can call it using a single tag in your template. More info »
  • by Simon Willans

    We can already hear you thinking “not another Twitter plugin?!” Don’t worry – this is one with a difference. More info »
  • by Mark Spurlock

    Using just the URL from a YouTube video, this plugin can create video embeds and thumbnails, of whatever size you like, for use in your templates. More info »

  • Developer of the Year

  • Ben has clean code, a nice range of offerings, great support, and speaks about add-on development at conferences like EECI in Texas. His Snaptcha add-on (a candidate for Extension of the Year this year) has single-handedly reduced spam on countless EE sites in the past year.
  • Makers of the very popular Zoo Flexible Admin (which is an Editor's Pick for June 2012) and Zoo Visitor, and known for good support.
  • Developers of so many popular add-ons, including a few newer home runs in Editor and Updater.
  • Justin has definitely put himself on the EE developer map in the past year with very solid offerings and fanatical support. This is one of those people that seem to have 40 hours in a day, adn we get the feeling his best stuff is still ahead of him.
  • Makers of the popular NavEE add-on. All around solid developers, with good support. Just read the reviews.
  • Eric has definitely become more well known over the past year with his growing list of add-ons. He's a riot at conferences, offers great support, is known to frequently gift add-ons to people, and has started a new column on EE Insider where he talks fast and loose about whatever is on his mind. If there were a category for ExpressionEngine Community Fan Favorite, we think he might win hands down.
  • 2nd runner up in 2010, Low has come a long way in the past couple years to be one of the very top commercial EE add-on developers. Clean code, good support, and a deeper understanding of EE's parse order than just about anyone else around.
  • Rob Sanchez won Developer of the Year in 2011 as a member of Barrett Newton / MightyBigRobot. Rob has moved on to a new position, but MBR's contributions and support through Chris Newton are still solid. Profile:Edit, CartThrob, and Field Editor are a few of their offerings.
  • Aaron was 2nd runner up in 2011. Add-ons like CE Cache (our first Editor's Pick, April 2012) and CE Image are so incredibly popular, and his support is second to none. Year in, year out,Aaron is a very solid developer.
  • Winners of Developer of the Year in 2009 and 2010, and 1st runner up in 2011. Is P&T ever far from the top of the heap? Their stellar support and consistent upgrades to their existing product line may allow them to take it all again.