About devot:ee


It's really not hard to say, but just so you don't slaughter the name when you're chatting with colleagues at the next ExpressionEngine Conference, here's the pronounciation and definition:

dev·o·tee [dev-uh-tee, – tey]–noun

  1. a person who is greatly devoted to something ExpressionEngine.
  2. a person who is extremely devoted to a religion ExpressionEngine; a follower.
  3. an enthusiastic follower or fan: He’s a devotee of jazz ExpressionEngine.
  4. devot-ee.com: a website devoted to learning, teaching, tweaking, extending, and having fun with the ExpressionEngine CMS.

[Origin: 1635–45; devote + -ee]
–Synonyms 1, 3. See fanatic.


Ryan Masuga had the idea for devot:ee in September 2008. At the time, the only place to get extensive ExpressionEngine add-on related information was in the ExpressionEngine forums. There weren’t any objective, organized, third-party sites to take it any further. Ryan took his meticulously organized collection of EE add-ons culled from various corners of the web and put together the initial devot:ee catalog.

The site officially launched on May 1, 2009 with around 300 add-ons in the catalog. The add-on store was added a year later. devot:ee is now the most visited third-party site for the ExpressionEngine platform.

For add-on related information and retweets, follow @devot_ee on Twitter.

devot:ee logo

Download the devot:ee logo in vector format: devotee_logo.zip (Illustrator file, vector). The main rule around usage: try and not make it look horrible. If you have any questions about usage, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

devot:ee (and parent company, Masuga Design, LLC) is not affiliated with EllisLab, Inc., makers of ExpressionEngine. The ExpressionEngine name is a trademark of EllisLab, Inc.