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Low Variables

by Low

Low Variables lets you manage Global Variables and Snippets in one place. It comes with a plethora of useful features like saving variables as files; labeling, grouping and sorting variables; hiding variables from content editors; and best of all: variable types.

Top Selling Add-ons


by Pixel & Tonic

ExpressionEngine’s most popular, powerful, and beautiful WYSIWYG editor, with support for channel fields, Matrix, Low Variables, and Content Elements.


by Travis Schmeisser

Structure is a powerful add-on that lets you create pages, generate navigation, manage content through a simple interface and build robust sites faster than ever. It forgoes the current template_group/template setup and creates “static” and “listing” pages that are all editable through a tree sitemap view. Now, traditional page style content and multiple entry pages can live within the same area. Your clients & authors will rejoice.

CE Image

by Causing Effect

CE Image is an ExpressionEngine plugin that makes powerful image manipulation easy. You can control how images are cropped, resize images to be constrained by one or both dimensions, apply watermarks at different sizes, round corners, rotate, use stackable dynamic image filters (yeah, like Photoshop filters without Photoshop), manipulate multiple images at one time in HTML content, and more...


by Pixel & Tonic

There are times when it doesn’t make sense to confine your content to a limited number of static fields. Let your content break free with Matrix.


by Pixel & Tonic

At last, managing your files is just as powerful and elegant as managing the rest of your content in ExpressionEngine.

EE Podcast

Episode 40: Fighting CMS Spam with Greg Aker

Mar 26, 2015 at 11AM MT

Spam. At best, it's annoying. At worst, it is dangerous for your site and even your server. Greg Aker joins the show to share his experiences and suggestions for fighting spam. He details solutions like Akismet, as well as custom client-side approaches. He also discusses how CMSes can introduce more vulnerabilities to spam, along with ways to prevent those, including proper configuration and even add-ons. We also discuss spam from a business perspective: establishing client expectations, building smart, and committing to keeping CMSes and add-on up-to-date.

Episode sponsored by EllisLab