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Your Website Content - Freely Viewable or Not?

Does your ExpressionEngine-powered website host some content that must be available only to authorised users? Is having a password protected login not enough? Do you also need control over who can access what according to the different roles they have?

Then you are in the right place - HooBlong does what you need!

More and more CMS-based websites have to reflect the real-life circumstances of their users. In real life, your site's users accumulate and shed roles according to needs that are dynamic. They seldom, if ever, have only one role at a time.

So how can your website meet their needs by confining them to a single role?

You need HooBlong.

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EE 1
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HooKan Permissions Manager

HooKan collects all EE permissions in a single page from where they can be compared and updated without having to go to each user group in turn. HooKan works well with HooBlong, the Multiple Membership module for EE. Each module will recognize the other if installed, and will place right-nav buttons accordingly

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