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Add-On Type(s)



Combined address (street/city/state/zip/country) fieldtype with various output options. Supports Grid, Matrix, and Low Variables.

Template Tags

Single Tags

{address_field [style="microformat|schema|rdfa|plain"]}

Will output the complete address, in a standard format. Use the style attribute for code that supports one of the markup standards for parseable content (defaults to microformats).

{address_field:country [code="yes"]}

Output particular pieces of the address. If you use the parameter `code=“yes”` on the country tag, you will the the international country code rather than the full name.

Tag Pair

    {city}, {region} {postal_code}

If you need more control over the output, use the tag pair to output each part of the address individually.

{address_field:map_url [source="google|yahoo|bing|mapquest"] [params=""]}

Output a URL to the address on any one of a variety of mapping services. Specify which service you want to use with the source parameter (Google Maps is the default). Anything you put in the params parameter will be added to the end of the map URL, use it to specify zoom levels, map types, etc.

Low Variables Support

Support for Low Variables was kindly added by Adrienne Travis. Note that you must use the {exp:low_variables:parse} syntax to parse VZ Address variables created with Low Variables.

For single tags:

{exp:low_variables:parse var="address_field_name" [style="microformat|schema|rdfa|plain|inline"]}

For tag pairs:

{exp:low_variables:parse var="address_field_name" multiple="yes"}
    {street} {!-- note lack of address_field_name: prefix! --}
    {city}, {region}, {postal_code}


Download and unzip the archive. Upload the vz_address folder to /system/expressionengine/third_party/.

Download VZ Address

EE Support Downloads Add-On Version Release Date
Not Specified Download 1.4.0 2013-09-02 02:14 PM

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3 Reviews:

johnniefp 05.13.13

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Marvellously simple fieldtype, does what you need.

Would like to see default countries as an option without having to edit, but that’s a minor niggle at worst.

allgood2 11.13.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

This add-on for Store is great time savior. It allows you to see purchases on the record, and the developer was great about making adjustments for my needs. I was creating a donation store and wanted to be able to display history on front end of the website.

Mike Mella 03.13.12

Rating - {addon_rating_average}

Great time-saver.  It would be nice if there were customization options, like selectable fields and labels, but still great.