Add-ons that start with the letter G, require jQuery for the Control Panel, run on ExpressionEngine 2, are Sold on devot:ee and are sorted by Entry Date.

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Gmaps FieldType 1.6.2 - $17.50

Rein de Vries

The official FieldType extension for the Gmaps module. Simply adding markers + modify your Map from within your entry/CP. Combine the power of the Gmaps module with this fieldtype, to show the perfect maps.

Added May 8, 2013.

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Google Maps for ExpressionEngine 3.3.5 - $65.00

Objective HTML

Google Maps for ExpressionEngine enables users to easily harness the power of the Google Maps API without spending a lot of time or money on the task. Getting the user experience and technical integration inline with your needs (or the client's) in the allotted time is very difficult. For less than a single hour of billable time, you and your clients can start working with Google Maps and gain an infinite amount possibilities.

Added April 25, 2011.