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Live View 1.0.3 - $15.00


Live view adds one or more iframes to the view entry screen so you can easily display templates that use the submitted channel data on different screen sizes. Optionally you can include a qr-code to quickly test on mobile devices.

Added March 6, 2014.

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Login Backup 2.3.2 - $34.00

Rein de Vries

The Login Backup module is a module where you can make full backups of your EE installation. The backups can be started manually as via a CRON job. Beside that there is also a function that will trigger the backup on login. It is FTP ready and in the future it will support other cloud servers as well.

Added March 8, 2012.

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Low Variables was chosen in November 2012.
Low Variables 2.5.0 - $49.00

Lodewijk Schutte (Low)

Low Variables lets you manage Global Variables and Snippets in one place. It comes with a plethora of useful features like saving variables as files; labeling, grouping and sorting variables; hiding variables from content editors; and best of all: variable types.

Added December 17, 2009.